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This week: Amazon Plans Hundreds of Layoffs, Top 7 eCommerce Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2018 and Alibaba Looks to Upgrade the Technology Used in the Olympics

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Amazon Plans Hundreds of Layoffs
Amazon is cutting hundreds of positions at its headquarters and global operations, a reset that comes after several years of significant growth. The cuts were first reported by the Seattle Times, which said the actions are focused on streamlining the firm’s consumer retail business.

Top 7 eCommerce Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2018
Let’s take a quick look at this year’s upcoming eCommerce Web Design Trends. Whether you are just starting with the online sales industry or, if you are trying to update your eCommerce store to the latest trends, the following advice will most likely help you stay ahead of your competition and keep your customers satisfied as this is the age of technological revolution new ideologies have been in trending.

Alibaba Looks to Upgrade the Technology Used in the Olympics
Alibaba will be the official cloud and e-commerce services provider for the 2018 Winter Games. But as far as revolutionizing how the Olympics is set up and how operations are administered, they plan to study the PyeongChang Olympics carefully and use what they learn to make some small changes during Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Games, and bigger ones during Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics. Facial recognition software and the cloud will be implemented to create a more seamless, immersive experience, according to Alibaba officials.

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This week’s podcast

Patrick Zhang is rocking it on Amazon FBA! Starting in 2013 – the year we started this GFA podcast – he came back to China and started what is now StarMerx Amazon FBA e-commerce company. Raising money last year and now up to 10 million us dollars a month with over 200 staff, we are honored to have him on the show.

This week’s podcast blog post

The Chinese government’s Greater Bay Area initiative pushes and strengthens Hong Kong’s part or role as the ligament that connects cities in Mainland China. This initiative will be a thrilling move to help transform the entire region into a powerful financial and economic zone. 

Have you heard about the Hua Qiang Bei electronics market in Shenzhen? Want to know more about how you can manufacture your products into China without having to deal with the stressful hassle of dealing with middle men and Skype chat headaches? Then join us on March 3, 2018 at 10am to 9pm as we take a tour in Hua Qiang Bei electronics market in Shenzhen!
Factory Visit Services are a cost-effective way to manage a source you’ve selected at a cost less than travel expenses from North America to Asia. This service includes a video call before, during, and after the visit, as well as a detailed audit report with photographs. Lone Star has a template for the audit report and also includes a section that is determined by you.
Marketing is a massively growing industry around the world – but especially in Hong Kong, China, and other parts of Asia.
Martin Ma, CEO and founder of Eagle enterprise company limited, started his business in 20111 and it was based on his first job. His company based on the management of German companies and the pursuit of product quality and it is also based on the development of global image. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of equipment imaging.

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