Entering May Day With New Inspiration (and opportunities)

May holiday is coming next week. China will be away from their offices for most of the week. Here at Global From Asia, we have been super-busy restructuring the community to adapt to a blockchain-based world. Normally I only share some of these initiatives and updates with GFAVIP members only. But today, I want to let those interested to be … Read More

April to May – Adapting, and Joke Dealings

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Sorry I scared some of you about last week’s April Fool’s joke about cancelling the GFA podcast. Gotcha! We will have our next session on the podcast next week as normal. We already took a snippet from this week’s GFAVIP mastermind as it was so good we have to share a clip of it. You’ll love … Read More

Shutting Down the GFA Podcast

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, You’re the first to hear it. We are shutting down the Global From Asia podcast. Yes. Well. APRIL FOOLS! Did I get you? No, the podcast is still going on as normal, just sticking with the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. March was a five-Tuesday month, giving us a break. And, a chance to … Read More

Adjusting To The New Normal in HK + Beyond (Plus GFA calendar)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, This time last year, I was entering a China quarantine. Check that out here. Where were you? Let’s all appreciate where we have been and where we are going. And stay positive. Today’s podcast does just that. We have James Kwan, partner and Executive Chair at Jumpstart Media. He’s done amazing things with Jumpstart over the … Read More

The Rise of the Decentralized Internet (Are You Ready?)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, We are entering a new world, a new juncture. There is no secret about the massive shifts in the world in the last few years. Global From Asia has been following it closely trying to find the way things will emerge. Enter our mini series for the decentralized internet (dWeb) starting with our kickoff episode today. … Read More

Mindset is a Muscle (And Making Your Plan)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Chinese New Year is coming (most of Feb will be the holiday). The twice weekly Covid tests have stopped here, but lockdown persists. Local deliveries only (wife is upset no deliveries from other provinces of China). I know a lot of us are going through traumatic times, and it is an exercise in us to practice … Read More

What’s the Point?

Well, I started writing this 2 days ago and, somehow, there was a meltdown and, you guessed it, it disappeared – and, believe it or not, I didn’t say a word. What’s the point? On December 7th/20, Politico reported that China was on the verge of a “large scale roll-out of vaccines” – Wall Street Journal reported on the 18th … Read More

BBC News “My Kids Think Snow Has a Virus In It”

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, 14 days in 2021, 3 COVID tests on my newly issued COVID test tracking card. BBC was interested in the story and invited me and my wife Wendy on their morning show yesterday. Listen to the radio clip here: Now, this week is the second Tuesday of the month – and that means podcast week! Next week … Read More

Adjustments in 2021

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Just got back from my COVID test here in Shenyang, China. Mandatory, twice weekly tests have been implemented for the new year. This seriously feels like one of those futuristic movies. Check out the vlog here: As someone commented on my Youtube channel,  let’s all stay positive in the new year. To be frank, this lockdown has … Read More

Year End Review (and this week’s podcast was deleted)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, We are approaching year end, and what a defining year it has been. For those curious, I made a “personal vlog” wrap up (link here) and a quick plan for 2021. But like Mike Tyson would say, “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”, which is what I would say the beginning of … Read More