BBC News “My Kids Think Snow Has a Virus In It”

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, 14 days in 2021, 3 COVID tests on my newly issued COVID test tracking card. BBC was interested in the story and invited me and my wife Wendy on their morning show yesterday. Listen to the radio clip here: Now, this week is the second Tuesday of the month – and that means podcast week! Next week … Read More

Adjustments in 2021

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Just got back from my COVID test here in Shenyang, China. Mandatory, twice weekly tests have been implemented for the new year. This seriously feels like one of those futuristic movies. Check out the vlog here: As someone commented on my Youtube channel,  let’s all stay positive in the new year. To be frank, this lockdown has … Read More

Year End Review (and this week’s podcast was deleted)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, We are approaching year end, and what a defining year it has been. For those curious, I made a “personal vlog” wrap up (link here) and a quick plan for 2021. But like Mike Tyson would say, “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”, which is what I would say the beginning of … Read More

Slots Open for 2021 Mastermind + Drop Ship Empire Podcast

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, We are preparing for a great 2021. To make the most of the new year, we are kicking off masterminds again. It looks like our most popular table is Amazon FBA! The first mastermind table by Ryan Wong has 1 spot remaining. If you’re interested you can apply now, this table is confirmed for next Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020, 7pm.  … Read More


For those who have been waiting anxiously for the next issue of GLOBAL GAB, I thank you for your patience. In looking over the multiplicity of potential entries for this edition, I am struck by the fact that the delay of 6 weeks or so may actually have been to everyone’s advantage (and not just to those who were hoping … Read More

Future of Ecommerce and Your Data (Do You Really Care?)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Yes, more and more percentage of that activity is being processed through Amazon as the rise of walled gardens has overtaken the open web. Do you or your customers (if  you’re a seller) think about where that data is going? How to get that data out? This is becoming more and more of a topic and … Read More

Thanksgiving Is About Being Grateful (plus lets talk about mindfulness)

Dear Global Business Enthusiast, Most of us in the ecommerce world are scrambling to fulfill orders for the coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But, it is not just about selling and earning money. It is about being thankful. When those Europeans sat down with the Native Americans to eat corn and turkey, the meaning of this holiday was this: … Read More

The Fight for Attention (aka: getting your eyeballs)

We have heat here but fingers are still a bit chilly in Shenyang City as the news reports say snow is on the horizon. Winter is coming, and I hope all of you have an amazing rest of Q4 and to reflect and plan for 2021. The fight for attention. Each week I try to think of a witty subject … Read More

Happy Singles Day (and Happy Live Streaming)

Dear Global Business Enthusiasts, Hope all of you are happy. With all the negative news and hate in the world – I hope more of us can tune out the top headlines in these biased media corporations and instead focus on happiness and learning. Just wrapped up Singles day (Nov 11 is 11.11 so it has evolved into the China … Read More