Digital Disruption in Mobile Banking: A 2019 Outlook for Banks

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This week: JD Driverless Delivery Vehicles in Live Mainland Test, Emergency Crews Battle Deadly Oil Tanker Blaze Off Hong Kong’s Lamma Island and Digital Disruption in Mobile Banking: A 2019 Outlook for Banks

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I’ve had HK company 5 years, I never made money . I invested in silver thru it. I want to transfer assets to another jurisdiction say Panama company. 

Business News From Around Asia

The technology-cum-e-commerce company has opened two smart-delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening its autonomous logistics capabilities. The stations are carrying out research and development testing and personnel training to solve issues related to last mile delivery.

Emergency Crews Battle Deadly Oil Tanker Blaze Off Hong Kong’s Lamma Island
Emergency personnel were deployed in a search and rescue operation to pick up 21 other people who had either fallen or jumped into the sea to escape the blaze.

Digital Disruption in Mobile Banking: A 2019 Outlook for Banks
With the FinTech industry turning the established order of mobile banking upside down, banks are facing a unique environment bursting with both threats and opportunities. New technologies and enriched mobile app functionality are giving rise to the consumer demand for more flexibility and proactivity in their financial lives.

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This week’s podcast
We had a meeting the founder of Quantify Ninja – Yinon! He is a proud member of our GFA Partners program and we are so happy to have him on the GFA TV series today. At our FBA Business, Para Living – we have been using Quantify Ninja – it was recommended by Meir Simhi, our advisor in the business.

Leverage Email Marketing For Your Amazon Business with Yinon

This week’s blog post

Apartment hunting in China isn’t easy, especially if you don’t speak or read Chinese. Honestly, finding an apartment in China can be an excruciating and challenging task, and if not properly done, you might end up encountering horrible housing scams and nightmares.

How to Find an Apartment in China?

Ensign provides total supply chain solutions to meet traditional and complex customer needs. As a logistics specialist company with more than 30 years’ experience, ENSIGN has a unique expertise in supply chain strategies, multi-mode of transportation, warehousing and distribution, as well as providing ‘All-In-One’ Solutions to logistics challenges.
This video briefly explains the similarities and differences between Alibaba and Global Sources, two online selling platforms for different goods. This video aims to shed light to sellers on how to choose the best supplier for their needs and preferences.

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