A New Direction In The Ecommerce Business and Strategy (plus theme)

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Back to Chiang Mai from a week in Manila (and a week in Bangkok the week before) and returned to the wife and kids with a new direction for business here. Those who have been following the E-commerce Gladiator series – ie Sisitano – have been curious to know the latest.

It was acquired into an Amazon FBA holdings company.

If you want to hear the story, from the buyer, Marc Roca, and I – we discuss it on this week’s podcast

It also marks exactly 2 years since the idea to start this Ecommerce Gladiator was born in Meir’s living room (kickoff blog here). What an adventure it has been, and I hope those listening to the series also have learned quite a bit from it.

But this isn’t the end. It is a new beginning.

I will be joining the Amazon FBA holdings company, which is called Alpha Rock Capital, as a founding partner and hold the title of Director of Business Development. That is what I love doing – making connections and I will be scaling that skill up across a holdings company which owns 8 brands now and rapidly increasing.

Another part is it will be a theme of this year’s Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit –

Synergize and Scale

Read more about the theme here.

The team from Alpha Rock Capital will be making a rare trip to China for the summit Oct 22-23 and they are interested to tap into the cross-border community here and talk deals.

Just another amazing reason you can’t miss this summit – we truly are bridging borders.

So enjoy this week’s podcast and hear the deal first hand. We will see you all next week.

And, speaking of podcast, I was in one of Bean Ninjas’ podcast, Episode 58 – Finding Strategic Partners and Investors for your eCommerce Business. Please check it out here:

Read the latest from Global From Asia:

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