Adjustments in 2021

Global From Asia
January 07, 2021

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

Just got back from my COVID test here in Shenyang, China. Mandatory, twice weekly tests have been implemented for the new year. This seriously feels like one of those futuristic movies.

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As someone commented on my Youtube channel,  let’s all stay positive in the new year. To be frank, this lockdown has been grinding on my motivation but we need to stay strong and we need to channel our energy.

We are making adjustments in Global From Asia. Thank you for those who took the survey last week. We are reviewing that and adjusting. One adjustment is, we are alternating each week for our GFA podcasts (which are free) and our GFAVIP masterminds (which are for GFAVIP members).

The theory is, we are all overwhelmed with content online and we want to be more impactful with the things we create and publish. As the whole world moves their content and communities and meet-ups to the internet, it is creating a lot of noise.

So, we’re doubling down to cut through the noise, but with higher impact content.

I discuss this more on the “solo-mic” podcast to kick off 2021, check it out here:

Stay positive, and keep on chipping away at what you were brought on this Earth to do. Don’t let others influence it. Now is the time to do what you were born to do.

Peace and love,

Mike Michelini
January 07, 2021

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