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This week: How Brands Can Compete with Amazon’s Incredible Data Value Exchange, These are Some of Hong Kong’s Popular Street Food and Alibaba, UNCTAD Kick Off eFounders Initiative Course for Asian Entrepreneurs

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How Brands Can Compete with Amazon’s Incredible Data Value Exchange
Amazon has reported tremendous growth in ad sales business and has huge ambitions for it. It wants to use all the data it’s collecting through both advertising and commerce customer transactions to inform a more personalised and more effective customer experience.

Alibaba, UNCTAD Kick Off eFounders Initiative Course for Asian Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs from across Asia today started an 11-day course on e-commerce and its influence on Chinese society at Alibaba Business School in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province.

These are Some of Hong Kong’s Popular Street Food
Home to some of the world’s most exciting street food, Hong Kong is a foodie’s paradise. Here is a guide to some of Hong Kong’s wallet-friendly eats focusing on the Sham Shui Po area.

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This week’s podcast

In this podcast, we are talking about fun stuff – product certifications and regulations! It is extremely important in today’s world more than ever. As Amazon seems to be tightening things up and global trade is maturing – we can’t get away with saying its not our responsibility as product importers to make sure certifications are in order.

First off, Amazon has very strict regulations over inbound shipments to their warehouses. Failure to comply with FBA product preparation can get your shipment returned at your expense, or worse, you can get blocked from future shipments. To avoid that, here’s a little guide on how to ship your products to Amazon FBA.Inventory:

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March Ma is the Executive Director and Secretary General of the Guangdong E-business Association. Their association was founded in 2011. Then they have some e-commerce companies like Vipshop, like companies in Guangzhou, including Tencent. They have more than 50 e-commerce companies to jointly establish this association.

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