Amazon Global Selling Sets Up Its Vietnam Team

Amazon Global Selling has just set up a team in Vietnam. The team was put together on the 18th of October, to help and work with other Vietnamese shops and stores sell their products globally online.

The Vietnam Initiative

Amazon Global Selling, the long standing program of Amazon that assists and provides technical and professional support to sellers, will be assisting the Vietnam team, and stores in the country, in this endeavor. Through this formed cooperation, Vietnamese businesses and sellers will be able to sell their products on the Amazon platform.

The program offers several services which include essential activities like account creation and registration, the listing of their products, the capability to manage their accounts, and many more. In addition, Amazon’s resources will allow the Vietnamese products to land in close to 200 fulfillment centers.

Amazon has also reached out to Vietnam’s Department of Trade and Promotion. They are sourcing for as many as 100 SMEs to join this program.

In order to better facilitate the sale of Vietnam products, the sellers are allowed to offer their products in the marketplace and the recently launched platform Amazon Singapore at

The Road to Now and Beyond

Amazon’s Vietnam partnership may partly be due to the successful operations of Amazon Singapore. Due to this, the heads of Amazon looked to expand their partnerships. They said that Vietnam was had some potential that they could tap.

They indicated that the products being created by small to medium-scale businesses have global demands. They can help shift these products around to the proper channels and buyers. These products include footwear, bags, clothing, leather goods, and more.

There is work to do though on the side of Vietnam and their sellers. Textile company owner Bui Kim Thuy stated that there are certain standards that Amazon expects of the products being sold on their platform. He says that the tech giant has a set of strict criteria that needs to be followed. These criteria are specifically for the origin of the product and its quality.

Apart from that, considerable effort must be put into improving their products for international audiences. As an example, Vietnamese products may not appeal to the American market. Thus, the Vietnamese sellers must research on how to make these products appealing for different markets.

Despite all of that, Amazon’s partnership with Vietnam is good news. There is still no timetable on when the Vietnamese platform will be released for usage.



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