Being Global From Asia – Japan Is A Must Include

Global From Asia
October 29, 2020

Dear Global Business Enthusiasts,


Seems like a nice place in the world to be in, to me, doesn’t it to you?

So let’s take a quick virtual trip to Japan.

This week’s show we have Nick Katz, “The Japan Guy”, on the show sharing about Amazon Japan, and also some other ideas of channels and marketing in this fascinating land.

It is about time we had Nick on the show, we are Global From “Asia” after all.

Enjoy this podcast in audio – as well as video – form.

This is a show we did live streaming for GFAVIP members as well as those on Facebook, and many more in this format to come. (With Sharon Gai from Alibaba being streamed and recorded the time this newsletter is sent out).

As always, feedback on the format and direction is welcome and appreciated.

Now, let’s tune in to the show here.

Hope you’ll enjoy the show!


Mike Michelini
October 29, 2020


Michael Michelini

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