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This week: Amazon is A ‘Monster’ Set To Continue Its Winning Streak, Analysts Say, Alibaba Blames Politics As Taobao Retains Place on US Government Naughty List and Provide More Jobs for Hong Kong Retirees Looking for Work, NGO Says

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Getting back to China after a week long crusade through Manila and then Cebu in the Philippines. We at Global From Asia are building roots there with more workshops and events for June 2018, stay tuned. Next is USA trip in Feb and Colombia. 

Business News From Around Asia

Amazon is A ‘Monster’ Set To Continue Its Winning Streak, Analysts Say
The e-commerce giant has risen every trading day so far this year and is on track for its 10th straight day in the green, its longest winning streak since mid-2013. Those gains have pushed Amazon to the highest level of its two decades as a public company.

Alibaba Blames Politics As Taobao Retains Place on US Government Naughty List
Taobao, Alibaba’s hugely popular marketplace, is among 25 e-commerce sites to feature in the latest USTR ‘Notorious Markets’ list. The annual list roots out physical and digital marketplaces that are adjudged to be “engaging in and facilitating substantial copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting.”

Provide More Jobs for Hong Kong Retirees Looking for Work, NGO Says
More jobs should be provided for Hong Kong retirees looking to earn some extra income, an NGO said on Monday as an international company received attention from more than 100 jobseekers after advertising three vacancies targeting the elderly.

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This week’s podcast

This week, we are talking Singapore and blogs! Sylvia Van de Logt is a seasoned internet marketer and blogger who has done quite a nice job growing her Forty Plus Style fashion blog while based in Singapore. We discuss how she got started, tactics for growing a blog, but also some insights on how she setup in Singapore and the benefits she has gotten there.

Building an International Fashion Blog from Singapore with Sylvia Van de Logt

This week’s blog post

Are you getting frustrated that no one replies to your Alibaba messages? Sick and tired of going around in circles with the China sourcing nightmare? In this article, we’ll tell you few reasons why your Alibaba contract factory is not replying to your messages.

Reasons Why Chinese Suppliers Ignore Your Inquiries

Looking to Get Unfiltered China Business Knowledge? Want to learn how business is done in China from people living there? Then join us this coming February 8 to 9 in as we hold a workshop in Miami, Florida.

China Business Workshops in Florida

Frank will create a 30-Day content plan for you to post throughout a month. The content will be highly targeted to your audience and business industry. We will provide the respective caption with a call to actions and targeted hashtags for every post.

30-Day Content Plan for Instagram

Hong Kong is a financial capital of the world and a leader in Asia. You will almost never have trouble finding a position opening for finance in Hong Kong, as well as other parts of Asia. Almost all finance companies in the world have an office in HK, and if you have experience in your home country working in financial markets you should be able to apply that experience to get an job opening in Hong Kong.

GFA Job Posts

This week, we have the privilege to interview one of the top sellers of Amazon, Patrick Zhang. In 2013, he returned to China to start a e-commerce company, now StarMerx has a monthly sales of more than 10 million dollars. By the end of 2016, the company got financing of RMB45 million.

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