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This week: Is The Future Of Ecommerce In Drone Deliveries?, Why are Hongkongers So Afraid To Speak English? and Ready To Book Your Flight Through Amazon?

Back in Hong Kong and Shenzhen from Vietnam – recorded some great podcasts while there, can’t wait to share – will be talking manufacturing in Vietnam, certifications so stay tuned!

We sent out a notice with Cross Border Summit speaker video previews but I have to admit, I didn’t make it clickable – so here you go – check out some speakers’ videos for the summit here

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Is The Future Of Ecommerce In Drone Deliveries?
The logistics are complex and intense. The regulatory hurdles are steep and covered with red tape. And like autonomous vehicles, the technology is already capable of the task at hand – however, it will take time to build acceptance and trust with customers to allow drones to fly onto their property for any purpose.

Why are Hongkongers So Afraid To Speak English?
Learning a second language is not just about endless studying. You need to have the bravery to immerse yourself in a new and alien culture. You also need to have a thick skin, as making mistakes is inevitable. Some of us forget that even when we were learning our first language, we made mistakes, but these moments helped us become fluent speakers.
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Ready To Book Your Flight Through Amazon?
As Amazon continues to grow into previously unexpected sectors such as healthcare and food delivery, some believe that the travel industry may be the next major expansion opportunity.

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This week’s podcast

We have Ricardo Li, a veteran in the Chinese cross-border export ecommerce space. Helping get eBay into China and Shenzhen – working alongside Chinese ecommerce sellers for years, he has unique insights and perspectives. In todays show we talk about the history of these sellers, the challenges they face, and the opportunities in today’s market.

This week’s podcast blog post

In this article, written by Fredrik Gronkvist of Export2Asia.com and Chinaimportal, you will learn the basics of product certification and mandatory labeling when selling online to, and within, Mainland China.

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Jerry Gan, founder and CEO of Valuelink, went to Peking University and studied English literature back in 2002, 2004. Jerry then found a part-time job as being an interpreter for some foreign investors who were trying to invest in China. He started the business about 11 years ago in Albuquerque of New Mexico and moved the business back to China in 2008.

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