Ancient Hong Kong Found In Egypt

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This week – underground HK in the Nile, disappearing Chinese execs, IRS taking passports, high end coworking hotels, we got it all this week!

Action packed newsletter to end 2015! Wish everyone a spectacular new year – I want to see the fireworks in Hong Kong, but my wife can’t enter as she’s mainland Chinese + 8 months pregnant! So I’ll stay home like a good daddy. I got some good survey feedback last week, if you didn’t do it, take the survey now!

This is how to fire someone the Chinese way….

Some cultural lessons for foreign managers in China.

via Andre Martin

Americans – IRS now can revoke your passport without trial. Land of the free!

via Larry Salibra

I’m not disappearing…I’m right here.

Yet a bunch of high level Chinese execs disappear, some re-appear, some still gone.

      Hopefully I’m not on their radar…

via Dustin Ellard

A Luxury “Live-in” Coworking Hotel opens in Hong Kong.

Seems to be targeting business travelers like you and me! Pretty pricey though.

Via Chris Moore

Ancient Egypt’s version of Hong Kong unearthed

the city is called Naukratis

some highlights from the article I found interesting:

….Egyptian figurines dedicated to a “festival of drunkenness” are among more than 10,000 ancient artifacts discovered on the site of the city of Naukratis….

Dr Ross Thomas, the British Museum curator who leads the project, told the Observer that Naukratis should now be viewed as “the Hong Kong of its era”.

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No new podcast this week – but wow, a lot of people liked last week’s with Mike the Greek! Getting fun feedback, if you missed it – check it out.

Blog this week is a much necessary one, on tips and methods for picking your Hong Kong company name!

I’m starting to video blog, “vlog”! 

More of a personal thing than a Global From Asia thing – want to keep it more “freestyle”. First couple online already, learning this is a whole new form of creativity, improving each time – episode 1 then episode 2!

Hong Kong Supercharged News

End of the year has been crazy busy with requests (I’m offering full service HK help now)! I love working with clients and one i have to note was a call with a European and an American, not sure if the American would be allowed to be his partner due to US regulations…very awkward, and scary call to hear 2 potential business partners complain about US paperwork affecting their deal. 

Photo of the Week

While doing the vlog in Soho district of HK I ran into the Hong Kong Elvis(and no, he’s not a wax figure!) He will be singing for us on the 3rd video blog tomorrow.

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