Annoucement: ANZCOM South China Disbanding

Sad news today.

Important ANZCOM News/ Follow Up & Farewell

Jul 19, 6:22pm

G’day Mike Michelini,

You will recall we reached out early last month with the mail below.

After reviewing the responses the clear consensus is that the universality of social media in south China renders the concept of formal organizations like ANZCOM effectively redundant.

Consequently we have closed the website and will now disband the organization.
Thank you for your support over the past several years and best wishes for your future.

David Jacobs (on behalf of the Founding Group)

The Founding Group of ANZCOM has recently reviewed its’ composition and the current business commitments of its’ members. We also made an assessment of the continuing relevance of groups such as ours in the rapidly advancing and developing environment that is modern South China. The proliferation of WeChat “groups”, plentiful places to meet and exchange views, ideas and hospitality has led us to the view that we should seek input from you as a Member as to whether to continue with this group. ANZCOM filled a need when it was formed a little over 2 years ago but is it still pertinent; for example how many members still actually reside in or frequently visit South China?

Consequently we seek your vote on this by a response to the following 2 questions.

1) Is it your view that the group should continue? Please answer “yes” or “no”. No response to this mail will be counted as a “no”

2) If you answer ‘yes” to Q1, what 2 specific things will you commit to contribute to its’ ongoing organization and administration ?

Subject to receiving 50% or more of the membership’s positive responses and commitments by the end of June, we will contact those persons and invite their immediate participation in the Organising Committee for some activity.

Regardless of the outcome of this vote we want to say “Thanks” for all your support over the last 2 years.


David Jacobs (on behalf of the Founding Group)


Michael Michelini

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