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This week: Hong Kong International Airport Rolls Out Adaptable Kiosks, Average Living Space for Hong Kong’s Poorest Residents Same As that of Prisoners, Survey Reveals and Forgotten Stories of the Great Escape to Hong Kong

Recovering from another amazing event – our Cross Border Matchmaker this past Friday. Thank you to all who attended and supported, check out the recap post with photos and video here. This is just the beginning, thanks for being part of the Global From Asia movement and get ready for more!

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Hong Kong International Airport Rolls Out Adaptable Kiosks
A wonderful news for those are travelling in and out of Hong Kong. A kiosks will be deployed in HK international airport to provide convenience to and make our travel hassle free and easy.
Average Living Space for Hong Kong’s Poorest Residents Same As that of Prisoners, Survey Reveals
Home should be a place of comfort. It should be a place big enough to relax but some of our fellow countrymen, don’t even have the privilege to enjoy at least an enough space of their home. Living in an 50 sq ft house, they consider this as same space as of that prisoners.Forgotten Stories of the Great Escape to Hong Kong
It was between between the 1950s and 70s when about a million people from Chinese mainland fled to Hong Kong. The reason? To seek for a better lives. Without knowing what’s waiting on the other border, these people bravely face of what might be the consequences of their action.


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This week’s podcast

We are talking systems – systems set as free as Roland from Para Living has gotten to love. The phrase is true – and this week we bring Marcin from Amazing Work System to discuss how we can setup systems for our e-commerce and Amazon FBA business.

Leveraging Software To Systematize Your Amazon FBA Business with Marcin

This week’s blog post

Alibaba and Global Sources both aim for the same goal: to be your one-stop product sourcing platform. Both do not sell products themselves; instead, they are both used as a selling platform. In fact, these two are the biggest B2B platforms in the world that primarily promotes wide variety of products manufactured in China.

Alibaba VS Global Sources


As marketing evolves and gets more challenging by month, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to get those precious glances of target audience. The question is – how do you find a community that supports your idea? And how big of a community is enough for a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Creating a Buzz Through Community Marketing

Trusting a factory is something that keeps many buyers up at night, and by leveraging this service for your own situation, you can rest at night knowing you did all you possibly could to protect your investment. Because let’s face it, as a product based business, it all comes down to… yes that’s right, YOUR PRODUCT. You need to ensure that your product is unique, of the top quality, and exclusive to you. If it is your IP and your design knowledge.

HSBC China is currently seeking for an experienced Admin Support Associate to join their team. HSBC is committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. They take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and opportunities to grow within and inclusive and diverse environment.

GFA Job Posts


Keep on making forward progress. The yearly pilgrimage for the Dynamite Circle – DCBKK is happening in today’s video. I’m such a fan boy – but Dan and Ian at Tropical MBA have done such an amazing job building up this community of digital nomads. Not really digital nomads I’d say more like online business owners and “bosses”.

Aside from being our chapter organizer in Miami, Claudia is a former business owner who likes to do B2B. She was originally from Columbia, her country of birth. She’s also fluent in English, Spanish and French and learning Mandarin too. She took two majors, one in marketing and international business. She then started traveling due to work.

Claudia Rincon GFA’s Chapter Organizer in Miami

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