Avoid Getting Scammed From a Chinese Factory

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Warming up here in South China for the most part, luckily it never snows….sorry to rub it in to those currently buried in snow…;)

Chinese officials seize toilet paper rolls printed with image of Hong Kong chief

Crazy iPhone setup shows how Chinese workers manipulate app store rankings

For Luxury Retailers, Chinese Women Take Fashion Recess

Thanks Renaud for mentioning our interview on his Quality Inspection blog – keeping costs low in China

On The Global From Asia Blog
This week’s podcast we have Mike Bellamy, a China sourcing pro, sharing on how to avoid getting scammed when buying online from a Chinese factory, listen now.

I was a guest speak at a Tencent Chinese New Year party – I blogged a bit about my experience at the event.

Hong Kong Business Supercharged book news – I’ve been talking in email to a lot of recent buyers of the book, getting some very odd questions such as how to get certified copy of Articles of Association.

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Photo of the week: Best Hong Kong License Plate ever, and it’s on a taxi!

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