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This week, Hong Kong is back to the future, Fintech regulations in China, but growing in HK, a few great events for Asia business enthusiasts, and more!

Time is flying, do you know we’re already 3.5% done with the year already! (yes, I’m a morning ritual geek and I track the percent of the year we’ve completed daily.) Still waiting daily to get the notice for a rush to the hospital to deliver our 2nd baby, maybe next newsletter I’ll have a photo to share!

My friend Casey Lau did a great blog this time, dressed up as Michael J Fox and talking “Back to the Future for Startups in Hong Kong” – great article Casey!

Finch seems to be getting more regulated in Mainland China, Tech in Asia reportsnew startups in the sector are not getting approved.

via Andre Martin

But fintech on the other hand is growing in Hong Kong – as well as other startup initiatives, according to this great slideshare by Whub

via Chris Moore

and now…

Lots of Awesome Events to Announce…

StartMeUp HK week is coming! And I can’t wait for their event: Launch! The World’s First IoT Summit by Brinc, got my tickets already for Jan 27-28

via Nick Ramil

Global Sources is leveling up on their Spring Trade show with their first “Smart China Sourcing Summit” April 17 – 19, and will focus a lot on Amazon and finding and distributing the perfect product.

via Peter Zapf

And yes, our first annual conference, Cross Border Summit, is right at that time, and we thought its best to turn it to a 1 day event on Saturday April 16 so that we can help do cross promotions w/ the Global Sources Smart Sourcing Summit, check the updated event page at the easy to remember domain: CrossBorderSummit.com

(via me, hehe!)

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Listen to this week's podcast

Listen to this week’s podcast

This week no podcast – but after our third meetup, seems people miss the shows being weekly. I have about 4 interviews already recorded and I am re-invigorated so let me try to get back on weekly. If you missed last week’s – we have Ray Chan talking to those Looking to get an Entrepreneur Visa?

On the blog:

The one I want to highlight is an OLD blog post that I updated quite a bit,Shelf companies – lot of people wondering about it, and I added some new info to it rather than making a new blog

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Just realizing I am dealing with a lot of awesome clients from Poland and Eastern Europe lately. Someone over there spreading the good word? Maurice?

Photo of the Week

Had our third mini meetup in the compact TST office, and of course Iwhipped out the selfie stick – thanks for coming! Planning one in mid, April. Check GlobalFromAsia.com/events for the notice.

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