Banking with Facebook and Google – is it Possible?

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This week: Instagram’s New Shoppable Tags Follow Lead Taken by Chinese Social Commerce Sites, Holiday Scammers Return To Target Hongkongers with Cold-call Con and Could Banking with Facebook and Google Become the Future

I am preparing for the Rise Conference hustle and bustle and also will be on an airplane to Manila, Philippines (with the wife) on our exploration of schools for our kids. Just another day in the life for those cross-border business people like you and me. You know how it is, doing international business is a challenge for all of us, we should all get medals. 

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Hi this is Joey from China . My company is located in GZ. We used to be agents for different companies from oversea, responsible for pick and pack and logistic and dealing with local suppliers . If you are interested, please contact me freely . Thanks!

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Business News From Around Asia

Instagram is expanding its shopping features, allowing merchants to add shopping tags to their social media posts as the US photo and video-sharing giant takes a leaf out of the book of Chinese social commerce networks.

Holiday Scammers Return To Target Hongkongers with Cold-call Con
At least a dozen Hong Kong residents have said they were deceived by the Asia Go travel club, which has been accused of making empty promises when selling cheap memberships over the phone.

Could Banking with Facebook and Google Become the Future
“The likes of Apple, Google and Samsung already have mature payment and peer-to-peer solutions on offer,” says the senior vice-president at customer experience management firm Servion, Shashi Nirale, “so it’s not a stretch at all to imagine them offering current accounts or loans and mortgages in the future.


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Well, this is a true testament to being in the ecommerce gladiator arena. Zack Franklin, from AMZ Kung Fu, will be karate chopping (is that politically correct to say?!) us here at Ecommerce gladiator about our current moka pot listing.

In the current setting of eCommerce, product reviews are very visible throughout the industry. Many studies have shown the essential impact of such through statistics. We have covered are some major evidences as to why some online entrepreneurs would adhere to product reviews.

How Exactly Product Reviews Can Help (and hurt) Your E-Commerce Business

Buying from China to sell online? It is a common practice, but are you sure you are doing it correctly? Or optimized? Then this workshop is for you. It will be presented by Mike Michelini, an American internet marketer that has been based in China for over 10 years doing eCommerce and online businesses. This meetup will be held in Bspot, Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, Ortigas Avenue, Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City, Philippines.

Factory Visit Services are a cost-effective way to manage a source you’ve selected at a cost less than travel expenses from North America to Asia. This service includes a video call before, during, and after the visit, as well as a detailed audit report with photographs. Lone Star has a template for the audit report and also includes a section that is determined by you.

Marketing is a massively growing industry around the world – but especially in Hong Kong, China, and other parts of Asia.

About a year ago, the blog launched a new campaign – to build a new company and form a team around Amazon FBA. Shout out to Meir for pushing me to start this new venture and diversify from just being a blogger.

Just Another Amazon Seller Asking You For a Favor

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