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Bank earnings, HK funds buying handmade phone manufacturers, US is good for tax evasion, and more!

Missed last week’s newsletter – sorry about that. Making sure this week’s goes out – putting the finishing touches writing it on the bus from Hong Kong to China. Life on the move, literally. Spending Monday to Wednesday in Hong Kong is the plan. Hope you’re having a great week too so far!

Banks – Winners and Losers

HSBC profit leaps, seems the Asia slowdown is offset with the lower violation fees it has received lately. Guess regulators are giving them a break?

But Standard Charter bank falls. Asia slowdown seems to be affecting them more, and they announced some layoffs – 15,000 jobs!

All this pressure for Americans to disclose their account to US government,

   so this one is funny…

USA top place to hide your money – from other countries!

is’t it ironic? The US wants everyone’s information, but doesn’t share back?

Hong Kong fund buys Vertu smartphone manufacturer. These are like $6,000 USD mobile phones hand made in the UK.

And to end the news this week – guess she saved this one for a night out in Hong Kong?

Actress Charlize Theron wears a super tight gold dress. Guess it may be more of a fashion statement in Asia?

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Listen to this week's podcast
Listen to this week’s podcast
This week’s podcast, still on the pursuit to explain Hong Kong e-commerce fulfillment, we have Chris Moore on the podcast talking about the new startup he is with – Floship, and comparing it to other fulfillment companies in Asia and USA.

On the blog

I received my APEC card – applied while in USA and it is saving me a ton of time – I’m going to use it when I cross the border in the next 30 minutes!Documented the entire process on this guide

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Brent Deverman and I had a good coffee meeting this morning. Giving me a lot of ideas, one being I should help Americans fill out FATCA forms. What do you guys think?

Photo of the Week
Hope everyone had a good Halloween. My family and I were the “Captain America family”. Buddy of mine Will Lee said I should have instead been “Captain China”, ha….


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