BBC News “My Kids Think Snow Has a Virus In It”

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January 14, 2021

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

14 days in 2021, 3 COVID tests on my newly issued COVID test tracking card. BBC was interested in the story and invited me and my wife Wendy on their morning show yesterday.

Listen to the radio clip here:

For me, it brought a tear when I was listening to it again and how the BBC highlighted this part “It’s snowed last night, and they were pointing at the snow and they were talking about that it maybe has the virus in it. That’s what they said just an hour ago”. Is this the world we are leaving to the future generations?
I really hope humans can be more respectable to the Earth after all of this.

Now, this week is the second Tuesday of the month – and that means podcast week! Next week is the GFAVIP members-only mastermind. So, our next podcast will be on the 26th.

Last week, readers misunderstood a bit. You are welcome (and encouraged to) support GFA by applying to join our paid GFAVIP membership where you’ll get inside access to these masterminds and other members-only private sessions (yesterday we had a session with Andy Lee on drop ship tactics for 2021). It is an effort to support the community and also provide more value to those who want it.

Now for this week’s show – Episode 341!

In this episode – we bring to you Peter Luxenburg. It is a fascinating conversation and case study of how he went from sourcing products in China to building his own private label brand on Amazon – selling it, and doing it over!

Let’s tune in here:

Enjoy the show!

And, have a fun weekend!

Peace and love,

Mike Michelini
January 14, 2021


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