Beijing Overtakes New York City for Most Billionaires

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This week – Uber still fighting in China, Stripe news, Chinese tech supports Apple, and more!

Spent most of this week on the Shenzhen side of the border. Lots of meetings with the venue and co-organizers for the Cross Border Summit – plus want to spend more time w/ my kids! The hustle of living on the border, or should I say, “living on the edge”!

What happens when one stubbornly tries by force to compete in China with Chinese and the Chinese just keep underbidding:

Uber losing $1 billion a year to compete in China

via Andre Martin

Thanks everyone (Matthias, Gerard, Larry, Jason, and more on various social platforms)! I was bombarded by you guys sharing with me the Stripe announcement. Today Stripe announced a new initiative called Atlas – letting startups from around the world easily apply for a US corporation, bank account, and Stripe merchant account in one go.
Also today got a tip from a Linkedin connection that Stripe may go into private Beta in Hong Kong in Q2. (but don’t yell at me if its wrong…)

China’s Huawei said it backed Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook in his stand-off with the United States government over breaking into an iPhone, but stopped short of saying explicitly it would adopt the same stance.
Beijing has overtaken New York City as the city with the most Billionaires, I like this quote the best from the article:

“What we showed today is that at the super-wealth creation level, the Chinese are now leading,” Hoogewerf said. “People will look at China the same way that people looked at Stanford or Silicon Valley in the 1990s.”

via Chris Moore

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Listen to this week’s podcast

Episode 114, Chris Davey is here with sharing his story on how he converted his China sourcing and time working in China to tap into the Amazon FBA frenzy. Lots of value bombs in this one.

Been asked about a Belize corp versus a Hong Kong corp – it was quite a long email so I decided to convert it to a blog post, enjoy!

And on the China Business Cast show, Shlomo and I chat with Yahya Yuksel about getting funding from the Chinese government for your business.

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Totally overwhelmed with support for the Cross Border Summit! One interesting offer is from the Hunan government – they are also having a cross border conference and want to invite a select group of our attendees to their conference, all expense paid (flight, hotel) – maybe run a raffle!?

Photo (video) of the Week

As far as sharing photos goes – I’m focusing on video! Last video blog was having noodles in downtown Hong Kong and then attended the Rise Pre-Event Party

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