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This week: The Solution for Digital Retailing in Southeast Asia Resides in the Cloud, Access to Funding is Holding Hong Kong Back as a Start-up Hub and Why You’ll Soon be Paying for Everything with Your Finger and Face

Heading back to Shenzhen and Hong Kong this weekend and early next (schedule). Seems this is the first of a new “commute” I may be making for years to come – between Thailand and South China.

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ShipMonk is the fastest growing logistics company, which has increased from $100K in 2014 to on pace to hit $25M in 2018. With what started out at a dorm room now has become a the trusted logistics company.

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The Solution for Digital Retailing in Southeast Asia Resides in the Cloud
Alibaba Group Holding, the world’s largest e-commerce services provider, is making a push into Southeast Asia by offering a suite of cloud computing solutions to help retailers embrace digitalisation and provide the kind of online-offline shopping experience that is already commonplace in China.

Access to Funding is Holding Hong Kong Back as a Start-up Hub
Singapore holds the upper hand on Hong Kong as a place to build a business, with access to funding remaining a challenge in the latter, despite a rising number of venture capital (VC) firms targeting Asia as a whole.

Why You’ll Soon be Paying for Everything with Your Finger and Face
Earlier this month, MasterCard revealed it is in discussion with UK banks to introduce a biometric payment card that includes an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. 

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Here at Global From Asia we talk a lot about Amazon FBA when it comes to e-commerce – because it has literally taken over the market the last few years. But we try our best to also recommend to take action on diversifying. Sure, other Amazon marketplaces in international markets are one – or – a completely new channel.

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From the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, 32 year old Nick Bartlett an expert in international cross border logistics and consultancy, saw plenty of opportunity in Hong Kong. After moving to Hong Kong with just his bag on his back, spent his first 2 years here working in a big corporate company whilst he pondered what was next. 

Nick Bartlett of CBIP Logistics

The China trip is a full, hands-on experience like no other. Join a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the biggest trade fair in the world – the Canton Fair. 

A Hands-On Canton Fair Trip

In need of an Apple IOS developer enterprise program account to distribute an in-house app.

There is that saying you don’t appreciate something or someone until it’s gone. That is really true. Arriving in Lumbini, Nepal – the airport was smaller than the house I grew up in. Literally a hallway for arrivals to walk through and into the parking lot.

Let’s Not Take Things For Granted

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