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Hot off the press, I have released my first book Hong Kong Business Supercharged. As newsletter readers and early birds, I am giving a $20 US dollar credit via (removed, join the newsletter) *, you guys rock!

As mentioned last week, I’ll be at the StartMeUp venture forum in Hong Kong on Nov 11th, interviewing the guests for this podcast and I need your help – I need to pick about 4 – 5 out of the long list of speakers here.  I’d love your suggestions on which ones to interview for the podcast – so many great choices.  Some of my top picks are:

(1) Phil Wickham, President and CEO, Kauffman Fellows,
(2) Dušan Stojanovic, investor and titled “citizen of the world” with a Swedish passport,
(3) Ray Chan, CEO and co-founder, 9GAG (,
(4) Danny Yeung founder of uBuyiBuy that was acquired by GrouponHK,
(5) Mike Yahng, Chief Representative, China, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Reply to this email with your top suggestions, I need to confirm by Wednesday.

One month has passed since Occupy Central protests started and they are still going. Recently a HSBC board member called the protesters similar to American slaves! But don’t worry, even 1 month into these protests, Hong Kong is still a top place in the world to do business, staying at the number three spot.

On the Global From Asia blog

This week’s podcast we have Deepak Madnani who has a successful import/export business for furniture and educational products, sharing insights on how to pick the right product category for your international trading business, listen in: Episode 57

As I cross the Hong Kong / China border multiple times a week, I wrote up a definitive guide to crossing the border which has been getting great feedback

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Photo of the week – Marcus Maher (on GFA episode 55) has helped me a lot this past week with final edits and confirming details on the book, thanks so much buddy!

* The $20 credit is for any of the 3 packages of the Hong Kong Business Supercharged program.  If you already bought the book before seeing this offer, wow you rock – I’ll still give you the credit just hit reply! Offer expires noon Sunday, Nov 9, 2014

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