Challenges Buying From China

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This week I have a few more videos to share, like that? I’ve been learning a ton watching videos lately.

Bloomberg Video on Challenges Facing Hong Kong Startups

Li Ka-shing moving away his companies offshore, tweets show – tweet 1 , tweet 2 (Thanks to Larry Salibra for the tip)

This is the cool thing about Hong Kong, who is an expat anyway?

A 500 Startups team Shopline article shares how they found growth in Asia

A Harvard online class (free) called- China (Part 10): Greater China Today: The People’s Republic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong was just released. I spent Sunday afternoon watching the final module of the ChinaX course , it relates to modern China and particularly has a section focused on Hong Kong. Watch this youtube intro here (thanks to Chris Moore for the tip)

On The Global From Asia Blog
We have a China quality control expert on this week, Renaud Anjoran, sharing the top 5 challenges importers have buying from Chinese Factories. week’s podcast, episode 67
Hong Kong Business Supercharged book news – Working on an online training, coming soon

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Photo of the week: My father in law Wang Yan just had his birthday, living with the Chinese in-laws has been pretty awesome.

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