Going To China For The Holidays [Honestly Nervous]

Dear Readers,

It will be a White Christmas for me this year – in snowy and cold Shenyang city – up north past Beijing in the North East region (aka Dong Bei) of the country.

Why, you ask?

My wife’s immediate family is under unusual health circumstances, and she wants us to spend time with them. And hey, its her hometown and this is what I signed up for when marrying her, right?

I can deal with the slow internet, freezing cold, but there is another worry now in the back of my mind.

What have I said online about Hong Kong?

There are articles that my friend, Dan Harris from China Law Blog, shares that warns foreigners not to enter China if you have ever said anything supporting the Hong Kong let’s call it “movement”.

Have I?

So much content online, and so many interviews and angles – as a blogger and podcaster this is the job. We’ve interviewed and been interviewed here about the trade war (heck, even the Bloomberg article) will this make me disappear upon entry to China on December 20?

Fear of entering (or leaving – remember John Graham Harper’s podcast on being under an Exit Ban) a country is crazy to think it still exists as we enter the year 2020.

I still plan to board my flight from Thailand to China on December 20, but the current conditions sure add to the stress (and if I can admit, sometimes nightmares that wake me up at night) of the sensitive geo-political circumstance.

Let’s all stay safe, and just thought I’d use today’s newsletter to share the worry and fear most of us have now crossing in and out of that border.

As I said on the Bloomberg interview – Why is the world so complicated – and walls are going up, not down. When I first came to China in 2007, I thought the walls were coming down – now they just keep rising, all around the world.

Your thoughts?



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