Chinese eCommerce Policy to Benefit Foreign Sellers

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This week: Chinese eCommerce Policy to Benefit Foreign Sellers, The Unseen Reality of Hong Kong’s Carers and HDFC Bank’s New Next-gen Mobile Banking App Down for the Fourth Consecutive Day

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Is there any way that I can get a drop shipping contract lease for a HK supplier that can serve as a proof to the bank?


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With the progression in online services and internet utilization, there are many chances for criminals to perform deception or scams. These are dangerous behaviors that pursue to take advantage of unwary individuals by acquiring personal details, or assets. Scammers use phishing websites and send unsolicited messages to accomplish their motive.


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While Mike Michelini thought that I, seeing as I have been doing the HK/China/Taiwan/Korea circuit for 30 years or so, could provide some interesting insights for an ‘occasional’ column, I never thought that I would be literally overwhelmed with raw data.

Chinese eCommerce Policy to Benefit Foreign Sellers
The policy has been cheered by Australian exporters to the market, such as AuMake, the ASX-listed retail company that connects local suppliers with Chinese personal shoppers, daigous, who buy and ship products on behalf of friends, family and customers in China.

The Unseen Reality of Hong Kong’s Carers
A lack of awareness of the social welfare services that are available to the public lies at the heart of the issue of carers being forced to take on more than their share of the burden. This is according to Dr Vivian Lou, the director of Sau Po Centre on Ageing at the University of Hong Kong.

HDFC Bank’s New Next-gen Mobile Banking App Down for the Fourth Consecutive Day
HDFC Bank on Tuesday launched its newest mobile banking app on the App Store and the Google Play Store, featuring a revamped interface and added functionality. However, for the fourth consecutive day, users have been unable to access their account details upon logging into the app.

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The Story Of Building a Sourcing Platform Between China and USA with Nathan Resnick

China – USA Sourching Platform

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Jack Ma’s hard work and dedication to being at the top of the world led to this organization changing business trends and giving every B2B company a chance to globalize their operations.

An approval sample will need to be sent to our Shenzhen, Yiwu or Qingdao office in addition to product specifications, instructions and Purchase Order provided prior to the inspection being scheduled. Inspections need to be scheduled at least 3 working days in advance. Inspections in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong Provinces only.

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