What is it Like to Live in a Coffin-Like House?

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This week: Terrifying, First-person Photos Show the Claustrophobic Conditions Inside Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’, Shocking Footage Shows Man Calmly Shoving Woman onto Railway Tracks in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Guide: Exploring Lamma Island and Hong Kong MTR to Replace Faulty Cables that Led to August Delay on Kwun Tong Line

I’m back from Bangkok this week, and tomorrow is our Cross Border Matchmaker – wish us luck if I don’t see you there! Trade show season is almost over, then it is switching gears to Cross Border Summit for April 20-21, 2018.

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Terrifying, First-person Photos Show the Claustrophobic Conditions Inside Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’
Will you be able to survive living in a house as small as 20 square feet without any open space? I bet the answer will be ‘no’. Horrible, isn’t it? But to some of Hong Kong netizens, especially those who are in a tight budget, this is the only option that they have.

Shocking Footage Shows Man Calmly Shoving Woman onto Railway Tracks in Hong Kong
Without any known reason, a man pushed a 59 year old woman onto Railway Tracks and the culprit just walked calmly after. The man had been arrested already and the officers are still investigating the motive behind the attack.

Hong Kong Guide: Exploring Lamma Island
People who only imagined Hong Kong as a crowded place and a home of tall buildings sprouting everywhere, I bet they have never been to Lamma Island. Imagine the calming sound of the sea’s wave and the refreshing air that touches your skin, ah! If you want to take some time off from a busy city, this place is very ideal for you.

Hong Kong MTR to Replace Faulty Cables that Led to August Delay on Kwun Tong Line
On August 5 this year, the MTR’s Kwun Tong Line was disrupted for more than 10 hours after a signalling fault was detected near Kwun Tong station leaving the commuters in a huge dismay. To avoid any same incidents, the faulty cables will be replaced by fibre optics.

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This week’s podcast

This week, we are taking a journey – to China and back again. Nicole Webb is a very amazing blogger who shared her journey moving to Hong Kong, and then Xi’An China where she has documented it on her blog and this podcast.

Journey to China and Back Again with Nicole Webb 

This week’s blog post

I remember registering the domain in Bangkok, Thailand towards the end of DCBKK conference. The inspiration from Dan Andrews to start a Hong Kong business podcast got me to take action before the conference even ended! Popped up a quick wordpress single page website (or was it Launchrock?) and got people to sign up.

Happy Birthday to Us! Global From Asia Turns 4 Years Old

Are you looking to hear stories and case studies from top Amazon FBA sellers (both Chinese and international sellers)? Want to checkout the latest in e-commerce marketplaces and new product designs for your e-commerce business? Doing import and export and looking for more ways to distribute your product, new channels, new product lines, new business opportunities? This is exactly what Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is all about! We gather new product designs, new updates in B2C and B2B product marketplaces and line them up for you to consume and connect with.
We cater to a wide range of project requirements and extensive list of locations across China. We pride ourselves on the quality of our interpretation services – whether it is a helping hand during your visit to local factories, an international trade event, or your city/local market tour, at a doctor’s appointment or on a business phone call. You want a smart interpreter who can tell you what’ behind the scenes and minimize risks for you.
Guided Imports is looking for an ambitious and energetic Business Development Manager to help them expand their clientele. You will be at the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy that benefits their growth.

GFA Job Posts

We have discussed “rent-a-white guy” in the past on the blog. In China, as well as other parts of Asia – the media, the image of foreigners has always been highly respected and value. Some say it’s Hollywood, some say because of the educational system – whatever the reason, Westerners, especially those of white tone skin, are often looked up to as “experts” or “respectable people”.
How’s everyone’s week so far? We are back with our new member’s series and I’m happy to present to you our next member. I am pleased to introduce, Xiaoning Rao. Angelica was able to talk to Xiaoning and she shares her great experience as a Freelance Project Manager.

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