How To Deal With Cramped Living in HK? Hike A Mountain!

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This week: Hype Aside, What’s the Mental Effect of a Young Workforce Living in Cramped Co-living Conditions? and Hong Kong’s Mountain Warriors: ‘We Feel Free, Relax and Forget Our Troubles’

Welcome to GFA Pulse #156

I’m preparing for my first trip to USA since October 2015. Crazy how time is flying, will be spending most of my time in Florida, and hosting a workshop with some other China business experts. If you’re in the states, would be great to connect – or sending the event to a friend is much appreciated. 

Business News From Around Asia

This tech investor likes branded e-commerce in China (video)
Brandon Lin of SPQ Capital says his firm has long tracked tech trends in China and invested in companies from e-commerce to data centers.

Living in cramped conditions must affect people, it definitely grinds me…
Hype Aside, What’s the Mental Effect of a Young Workforce Living in Cramped Co-living Conditions?
Have you ever tried riding an overcrowded bus or train? You will feel uncomfortable and suffocated. In just a few minutes ride in an overcrowded transportation, stress demands to be felt, what more when you’re sleeping and living in a congested flat for years? Imagine the psychological effect it can bring.

But while you may be living in a cramped apartment – mountains may fix that!
Hong Kong’s Mountain Warriors: ‘We Feel Free, Relax and Forget Our Troubles’
Suicide is rampant in this generation and depression is the number one reason of why many people decided to end their lives. Bad news is almost of all of us will go through a stage in our life where we will experience depression, the good news is that it is treatable. There are different ways on how to treat the said illness, the most common are therapies but connecting back to nature is said to be the most effective. So why try all means to avail those expensive therapies when clinging to nature is just for free? To quote William Wordsworth’s words, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”

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This week’s podcast

This week is for the FOMO people like me (FOMO stands for “fear of missing out” for those who don’t know). And I have been hearing about ICO over and over again the past couple months. Insane amount of friends and business associates involved. So Devin from Shadow Factory VR Agency kindly connected me to Ellis Gyongyos from Know Your Token to discuss this ICO game.

What Is An ICO And How To Use It For Your Global Business with Ellis Gyongyos

This week’s blog post

Here at Global From Asia – we know the pain our entrepreneur and hard working global business owners have been going through. As digital nomads and e-commerce sellers and FBA business owners, we feel the pain ourselves. This is why our clients for our corporate services enjoy working with us – we understand you.

Next week, Saturday January 13, 2018 at 10am to 12noon, join us in Bspot, Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, Ortigas Avenue, Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City, Philippines. Let’s dive into the mindset and strategies for successful sourcing from China. Discuss various methods for sourcing from factories, receiving samples, discussing contracts and confirming the order. Keeping your supply chain is essential in your e-commerce business, and in this Global From Asia meetup we will get you the tactics needed to stay ahead and on top of your China sourcing game.

Meetup: Working with Chinese Suppliers & Logistics Providers for Cross-Border Trading / E-Commerce

And coming up in USA – our first event there for quite some time, a day and a half workshop in north Miami- check out the China business workshop on Feb 8-9, 2018.

Factory Visit Services are a cost-effective way to manage a source you’ve selected at a cost less than travel expenses from North America to Asia. This service includes a video call before, during, and after the visit, as well as a detailed audit report with photographs. Lone Star has a template for the audit report and also includes a section that is determined by you.

Factory Check by an Experienced American Manufacturing Engineer

Are you a people person? A deal maker? A “hustler” that can make dollar 
out of fifteen cents? Asia needs people like you! 

GFA Job Posts

Ricardo Li has experience selling “both ways” both into China and abroad via a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Popeye Incubation has ready teams to operate JD, Taobao, eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, and more.

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