Why the Digital World is Looking to China, Not USA

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This week: How Do Asian Banks Respond to the Digital Wallet Boom?, The Digital World is Looking To China, Not Silicon Valley – Here’s Why, and, With Crackdowns on Uber and Airbnb, Does the Sharing Economy Have a Future in Hong Kong? 

Greetings from my new home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Monday, the wife and I signed our 2 kids up for school here and will be moving in mid-August. Life moves fast! GFA readers – please don’t worry – Global From Asia will continue to be served, and more likely even better than ever!

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Quantify ninja offers solutions that focus on the traffic increase, customers, transforming customers to endorsers, and make the prospective customers your loyal fans.

Business Help & Opportunity

We are a China based e-commerce company and looking for an American warehouse and third party fulfillment company. Storage would be for 1 to 2 pallets at a time and then shipped to our end customers in the United States.

Seeking USA Warehousing and Fulfillment

Business News From Around Asia

The Digital World is Looking To China, Not Silicon Valley – Here’s Why
Initiatives taken by Chinese internet companies to create expanded online platforms and super apps, which support multiple services to offer more convenience to users, are now being duplicated by online firms based overseas

With Crackdowns on Uber and Airbnb, Does the Sharing Economy Have a Future in Hong Kong?
The string of setbacks has raised questions about Hong Kong’s aspirations to be a world-class “smart city”. Critics have accused the government of favouring vested interests, and protecting the shareholders of firms under threat from the sharing economy. 

How Do Asian Banks Respond to the Digital Wallet Boom?
After Citibank launched its Citi Pay app for Android devices in Singapore, the bank later added both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay capabilities to its digital wallet, in line with the island’s growing demand for a wider range of payment options.

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This week’s podcast

Interested in starting a SaaS business? Then today you are in for a treat! Renaud from Syncontrol, a QC inspection software is on the show and we are talking customers: ‘rabbits’, ‘deers’, ‘elephants’ and the 4 stages: ‘build’, ‘nail’, ‘grow’, ‘milk’, and the slow growth of revenue and the need for financing.

Nowadays, modern innovations, as well as social media, both have played a big role in opening up a whole new world of possibilities both for business-minded people and those who take the creative role. One of the platforms which have gained much popularity is Kickstarter.

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is an engaging interactive conference happening on 12 October 2018 in Shekou Net Valley, Shenzhen, China. It brings together top Chinese and International Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce players to discuss current issues and trends in the cross-border e-commerce industry. 

Rose provides document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Want a traditional job working with managing an office or overseeing projects? Administrative jobs in our directory are far and wide reaching.

When you send money through banks, it takes 3 days to get the money. What if you are in a rush? SendWyre is the answer! SendWyre helps you send money in under 6 hours.

SendWyre: Send Money Safely Internationally

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