Hong Kong’s Fight Against Dirty Money

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This week: eCommerce Search & Personalization, Can Hong Kong Win the Fight Against Dirty Money? And Alipay Data Shows Impact of Chinese Travelers

Greetings from Bangkok, took a few days trip down here to record an online course for sourcing products from China – a JV with a Thai training course, wild right? And also working on de-stressing after Cross Border Summit overwhelm so snuck in a massage and temple time – thanks for the recommendation Chris Gormley!

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If you have huge a product catalogue, optimizing and organizing it and improving the search experience is key to the success of your store, and is the most important job of the eCommerce manager. Before we go further, let’s go over some key terms which will help us understand the article better.

Can Hong Kong Win the Fight Against Dirty Money?
Concerns have grown in recent times that efforts Hong Kong has made to tighten anti-money-laundering laws and impose tougher obligations on financial and other institutions to report suspicious money movements to the authorities do not go nearly far enough.

Alipay Data Shows Impact of Chinese Travelers (broken link https://www.enterpriseinnovation.net/article/alipay-data-shows-impact-chinese-travelers-1159132485)
As millions of Chinese come back from their annual Labor Day holiday this year, mobile and online payment platform Alipay have revealed key data points that marketers will no doubt be interested in.

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Since we are in transition on the show schedules (moving to 4 podcasts a month and the e-commerce gladiator on Tuesdays) I couldn’t get a call in time with Roland as per usual – so I’m going to go through some solo reflections on what we have been learning and what I am noticing in Amazon FBA in 2018.

International business is a huge challenge, and if there is one point out of all of this that I can say is – be patient! Be respectful. Getting frustrated and offensive is not doing anyone any good. 

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