What’s in Store For eCommerce this 2018?

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This week: How to Start an eCommerce Business on a Shoestring Budget, What Will 2018 Bring For eCommerce? And Smart Device Gives Elderly and Disabled More Time To Cross Hong Kong’s Busy Streets

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How to Start an eCommerce Business on a Shoestring Budget
Do you want to achieve financial independence? The internet offers a slew of opportunities that can help you. You can build an authoritative niche blog, earn commissions through affiliate marketing, sell online courses, and more. The chances of success? Probably not as high as you hope – unless you have your eyes set on eCommerce.

What Will 2018 Bring For eCommerce?
In the past few years, e-commerce has been developing at a staggering rate with revenues totaling $2.3 trillion in 2017. Statistics predict this number has yet to rise, as e-commerce continues to incorporate all the shopping and technological shifts that the world is going through. As these trends tend to evolve at a mind-boggling pace, business owners need to be vigilant and receptive to all these changes in order to maintain a competitive edge on the market, while at the same time keeping their customers engaged all throughout.

Smart Device Gives Elderly and Disabled More Time To Cross Hong Kong’s Busy Streets
“Hong Kong’s ageing population is increasing. We introduced this smart device as part of a policy address initiative in 2016 to look at how technology can help the elderly cross roads safely,” the department’s chief engineer, Wong Chi-hung, said.

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This week’s podcast

Had the pleasure to get Monica Chao on the podcast who has a wealth of experience from running a tech startup in Shanghai to working with ecommerce in San Francisco. This is a webinar we did for GFA VIP members and I’m bringing it to you for the podcast – for free.

Hiring & Managing Chinese Staff with Monica Chao – GFA211

This week’s blog post

Are you keeping track of your Chinese product supplier visits? Documenting your visit to a Chinese factory is critical! In this article, ring to you a co-founder of our Amazon FBA business Para Living Inc, Lorenzo, to share a real live report he wrote up after visiting one of our top factory picks for the Sisitano.com brand.

Documenting Your Chinese Factory Visit: Example Supplier Status Report

Let’s dive into the mindset and strategies for successful sourcing from China. Discuss various methods for sourcing from factories, receiving samples, discussing contracts and confirming the order. Keeping your supply chain is essential in your e-commerce business, and in this Global From Asia meetup we will get you the tactics needed to stay ahead and on top of your China sourcing game.
Build conversion optimised websites that are specifically designed to get more sales, sign ups or enquiries. Russell Smith also designs and implements high converting content marketing strategies that help B2B companies and digital marketing agencies & consultants grow their business and personal brand.
Want a traditional job working with managing an office or overseeing projects? Administrative jobs in our directory are far and wide reaching.
Ausdom, Shenzhen Ausdom Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with the mission to provide the best 3C products to the global e-commerce business. Since 2005, they focused on intelligent audio and video hardware R&D, production and sales, including industrial design, product development, manufacturing, brand promotion and international trade. 

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