Finding The Team for Ecommerce (Garbagemen + Artists)

Global From Asia
October 15, 2020

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

We are back at the Ecommerce Gladiator program – and getting great feedback from the community already.

We peel off a sliver of what we are doing (as this time a bit more “behind closed doors” in the gfavip community) and putting up today’s session as a GFA podcast.

The topic –

Are you a garbage man or an artist?

This is something I came up with when making an FBA course a couple years ago – and I have mentioned it on previous podcasts.

I’m curious – after listening – do you consider yourself more of a garbage man or artist?

And I have something to admit – garbage men of ecommerce make more money oftentimes!

Listen to the show here:

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Mike Michelini
October 15, 2020


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