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Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback and interest in last week’s Cross Border Summit announcement. Seems from all the suggestions on speakers, format, and more – our fourth annual, this time in Guangzhou, Oct 22-23 is going to on a whole new level of epic.

I’m heading to China next week to visit venues and will keep everyone here updated.

Back to the bootcamp – seems it was a smart decision to focus on 1 “massive offline” event a year – being the Cross Border Summit – and making the bootcamp more of an online style.

I mentioned we would start with one online bootcamp, so here it is:

Wednesday May 29
6pm to 9pm Hong Kong Time
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I’ll be the host and guide for a 3 hour live online training bootcamp about getting setup and launched in Amazon FBA.

For only 97 USD, early bird price (first come, first serve)
(If you’re a GFAVIP member, use your coupon code for a special price)

Prefer offline? We have them being hosted while I’m in Hong Kong and Shenzhen next week (May 21 in Hong Kong and May 23 in Shenzhen)

So if I can’t see you at the sessions in Hong Kong or Shenzhen – see you online. Will work hard to make it interactive, and intimate – we want to know the others on the call and will be going in case studies and live Q&A to make it as personalized as possible – as well as networking.

Wednesday May 29
6pm to 9pm Hong Kong Time
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Thanks again for all your interest and support as I make these email newsletters a bit more personal.



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