Details About Entering China Amidst the Coronavirus

With the infection rate of the Coronavirus, China has mostly been cordoned off. Numerous safety measures are in place to ensure that people are kept safe. 

As one can imagine, this hindrance to travelling has been like the Coronavirus unto itself. This goes well beyond the people of China. It has affected factories, people, and businesses from all over the world. 

There is a general sentiment and fear about going to China. Majority of people think that there is no way to get in. However, that really isn’t the case. One of our staff members was kind enough to share their experience with getting in and moving about China. 

Here is what you need to know about entering China amidst the Coronavirus.

HK Airport to Zhuhai

The journey begins at the Hong Kong airport and ends at Zhuhai. Even before you reach the immigration area, the differences are already evident. The most obvious one would be the increased number of thermal sensors. 

Once at the immigration area, they ask where you have been. They ask specifically if you have been to countries like South Korea, Iran, Italy, or the Hubei province in the last 14 days. They then probe whether you have the apparent symptoms of Coronavirus. 

Only then will they ask you about the standard immigration information. These include details like where you are going and for how long. 

After immigration, you head to the B4 bus at its assigned pier. This bus will take you to the Zhuhai Macau Bridge and takes 20 to 30 minutes. The bus comes at hourly intervals. You will be dropped at the ground floor of a port building where you must head to a departure hall. 

After crossing HK immigration, another bus ride awaits you. It is the HK to Zhuhai cross border shuttle bus. It comes at hourly intervals again and the trip takes roughly half an hour.

Once in the bus, you are cautioned not to sit close to anybody for safety concerns. 

The second bus ride ends with another immigration meeting in the Zhuhai immigration hall. Once there, you will be required to fill out a health declaration form. After submitting this form to the health officials, they will take your temperature and ask more questions. 

There you have it. You’ve made it into China. There are various things that you need to know and look out for though.

Things You Need to Know

Once you get in and start to travel to your destination, make sure that you are wearing a mask at all times. Regularly remember to wash or sanitize your hands too. 

There are a variety of transportation avenues that are available to use. One of them is the taxi service. They are operating normally, but do have additional precautions to take as well. 

When you first get in a taxi, the driver will ask you to scan a QR code. Scanning the code will link your information to the taxi that you took. 

If you are headed to a residential complex, the taxis will drop you at the entrance. At the entrance, be ready for more questions. It is mostly the same as the immigration questions like health and travel details. 

Apart from these details though, they will also be checking your body temperature. Another QR code scan will allow you to submit the details of the house you want to visit. 

After all the proceedings at the entrance, you’ll have to proceed on foot since taxis are not allowed inside the residential complexes. 

This dynamic in residential complexes spills over to many interactions. These include item, food, and water deliveries. These deliveries will only get as far as the residential entrances. You’ll need to walk to the entrance to grab them.

All throughout, there are regular checkpoints. Most if not all the people on the streets are wearing masks. While there are inconveniences to daily life that were not present before, the general sentiment is that it is there for people’s safety. 

There are also rumblings and rumors that people hear. One is of certain fees that you need to pay to head in. The other is the required quarantine period. 

Our staff member has clarified that there are no fees to pay. He also clarified that the quarantine is only a suggestion for your own health. 



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