Payments: Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019

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This week: Alibaba Just Gave Chinese Youth Another Reason to Never Leave Their Desk, Thousands Take to Hong Kong Streets for Pro-democracy Rally and Payments: Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019.

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I’m director and owner of a 3 years old offshore Hong Kong company with bank account and I wish to sell it. My company is a “body corporate” and have been incorporate in July 2015. It was engaged in programming and Web development services. It get a clean accounting, only french customers and no office in Hong Kong. The bank of my company is Europac Bank in Puerto Rico (a Caribbean island). Please let me know if you may be interested, or if you want more information.
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Dear Systems is a powerful B2B ecommerce Software that allows manufacturing businesses to easily set up their ecommerce platform, accept orders online, communicate with their customers and boost their sales with advanced inventory management features.

DEAR Systems: The Answer to Your Inventory Needs


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Alibaba Just Gave Chinese Youth Another Reason to Never Leave Their Desk
People in China have a host of reasons not to go outdoors these days. They may be too busy to leave their office, wary of air pollution or have chosen to live isolated lives. Among them is an expanding young consumer base that prefers to dwell in the virtual world of video games, animes and comics over the tangible reality.

Thousands Take to Hong Kong Streets for Pro-democracy Rally
The Civil Human Rights Front, an umbrella group of pro-democracy parties and groups, said on Tuesday that it would comply with the restriction on displaying the symbols outside the government headquarters.

Payments: Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019
The state of payments is constantly evolving, and this past year has brought several major trends that will impact the direction of the industry for years to come. These major developments also point to the trends we anticipate will be the biggest drivers in payments for 2019.

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This week’s podcast
Join us as we tackle about the differences of Blockchain and Crypto (currencies).

The Blockchain Situation in Japan with Kohei Kurihara

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China is indeed a booming economy with unending opportunities. The proposed tax reform simply relieves the tax burden of small and medium sized enterprises as well as middle and low-income individuals while optimizing the business environment through higher consumption.
Loadpipe is an IT company providing supply chain solutions across borders. will check out your current products on various Chinese factory websites and give you an analysis report.
This video briefly explains what Currenxie is. This video aims to explain how Currenxie offers efficient FX and cross-border payment solutions in trade.

Currenxie: Competitive Digital Finance

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