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A sad start to 2015 in Shanghai as 35 dead and 42 injured from stampedes at the New Years festivities, locals blame the “overflow of migrants” to the city.

Police in Hong Kong have arrested dozens of people as pro-democracy protesters returned to the city’s streets for a second night. China has praised Hong Kong authorities for maintaining “stability.”

Chinese businesses have been buying up more and more of Hong Kong, some are calling it colonization

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Let’s kick of 2015 with the most requested podcast topic I received – F2C (Factory to China) and I bring Wilson Blues on the show who has an e-commerce business for his family’s factory and has been doing well with it over the years, he shares how he does on this week’s podcast, episode 66
Hong Kong Business Supercharged book news – After the podcast interview, Wilson got a copy of the book

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Photo of the week: Got the catch a selfie with Dave McClure from 500startups while he was in Hong Kong

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