Are Things Lining Up For the Next Financial Crisis?

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This week: This eCommerce Startup Uses Direct-to-consumer Model to Sell Healthy Products, Mainland and Hong Kong Stocks Rally After Chinese Central Bank Moves to Stabilize the Yuan and Inviting the Next Financial Crisis

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Business Help & Opportunity

I opened a business in Hong Kong and I would like to sell on in the USA. Right now I try to open an account on and go through verification process on Amazon. I have some problems with that and can’t go through it. I’m looking for company or person who can help me go through verification process on form my Hong Kong company.

Need Help with Amazon


Business News From Around Asia

This eCommerce Startup Uses Direct-to-consumer Model to Sell Healthy Products
Edwin Wang is the co-founder of Signature Market, a Malaysia-based direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand for healthy and organic products. Wang is a second-time startup founder and has been in the ecommerce industry for more than 20 years. He scaled his first company,, to an annual revenue of RM50 million (or ~US$12.3 million) before it was acquired by LivingSocial.

Mainland and Hong Kong Stocks Rally After Chinese Central Bank Moves to Stabilise the Yuan
The Hong Kong and mainland China stock markets rallied on Monday, after the Chinese central bank signalled it would guide the market more proactively in the face of a stronger US dollar and the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing. Shares in the automobile sector also surged after Brilliance China Automotive Holdings posted better than expected interim results.

Inviting the Next Financial Crisis
For much of the last decade, the economy has been growing and the stock market has been rising. But this steady climb is lulling bankers, lawmakers and regulators into repeating mistakes that contributed to that crisis and cost millions of people their jobs, homes and savings.

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This week’s podcast

Welcome back Meir to the show – our inspiration for Para Living Inc Amazon FBA business – and this Ecommerce Gladiator series evolved from that. We discuss things at Para Living – but also discuss in general about Chinese sellers strategy and ecommerce sellers in general – what makes them succeed.

What Makes a Successful Amazon FBA Seller?

This week’s blog post

Rabbitow was founded in August, 2015. It is an innovative scientific and technological enterprise that specializes in the intelligent health interaction field.

Jason Zhang of Rabbitow

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is a full day international Chinese and International expert roundtable session connecting e-commerce sellers and suppliers growing in the global market.

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Really crossing my fingers for my kids and if they will enjoy the school or not. It may take them time to get used to everything.

Kids First Day of School in Thailand

Sent April 4, 2015

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