Future of Ecommerce and Your Data (Do You Really Care?)

Global From Asia
December 03, 2020

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

As we pass through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everyone is rushing to enter their credit card, billing, and shipping information into various websites.

Yes, more and more percentage of that activity is being processed through Amazon as the rise of walled gardens has overtaken the open web.

Do you or your customers (if  you’re a seller) think about where that data is going?

How to get that data out?

This is becoming more and more of a topic and I am fascinated by it. So, we bring on the Global From Asia podcast this week, Valto Loikkanen, a forward thinking entrepreneur and investor who is diving head first into the topic of data ownership and privacy with his latest startup, Prifina.

Listen in now and stay ahead of the curve of data ownership and privacy as it is becoming more of a “real thing”.

And, a question to think about, if there was a “Facebook” that charged 1 dollar a month and didn’t keep your data, instead, advertise you,  would you pay? Would the general population pay?

Probably not.

But that $1 dollar is nothing compared to the true value of your data.

Food for thought.

Listen in to the show here!

Enjoy the show!

Have a great rest of the week!


Mike Michelini
December 03, 2020


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