Asia Also Getting Involved With Facebook’s Data

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This week: Awareness Among Customers About eCommerce Sales at All-time High, Hong Kong’s Privacy Watchdog Launches Probe Over Facebook Hack and Instant DBS Credit Card Approval with New Online Service

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Are you looking for an enhanced shopping involvement? 3dcart is an all-in-one e-commerce solution. If you want to arrange an online business for the first time, 3dcart can help you make everything easy. You will be able to run it with e-commerce in no time.

Business Help & Opportunity

I’m interested in importing Canadian made products to China. I want to build a brand in China and fulfill my orders from there directly. The goal is to become a trusted Canadian seller in China and a go to place to buy specific Canadian made products.

Importing Canadian Made Products to China


Business News From Around Asia

Awareness Among Customers About eCommerce Sales at All-time High
Contrary to last year, 70% customer awareness this year has been contributed by social media…e-tailers have spent more on Newspaper/TV promotion, resulting in growth in awareness amongst customers from 19% in 2017 to 38% customers in 2018 becoming aware of festive sales through TV ads 

Hong Kong’s Privacy Watchdog Launches Probe Over Facebook Hack
In a statement issued on Wednesday, Privacy Commissioner Stephen Wong Kai-yi said he has contacted Facebook to express concern over the incident and to obtain further information on the case, given that Hong Kong account holders were likely affected by the hack.

Instant DBS Credit Card Approval with New Online Service
Customers will no longer need to provide physical documents, so approval can be given far quicker than the week or so it now takes for new customers to get their credit card or gain access to Cashline.

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This week’s podcast

Episode two hundred and thirty six (typing it out sounds bigger!) of the Global From Asia interview series. Things are rocking and rolling here so much growth and pushing of limits and boundaries – and it is very timely to get our guest on the show – finally!

Managing a Massive Team in the Philippines & the World With Mads Singer

This week’s blog post

Choosing the right niche has always been the question of all questions. When looking for the right niche, appraise your comfortable areas, follow your passion but consider your skills as well.

How to Choose and Test New Niches?

Want to stay on top of your Amazon FBA competition? Want to know the market – as a whole – and not product (ASIN) by product? The game is changing fast, and new competitors are entering, while old competitors are throwing in the towel and liquidating.

Amazon FBA is getting more and more competitive! Stay ahead of the market with expert help on optimizing your product listing. You can have the best product in the world, but if people don’t find it when searching online – then it doesn’t matter. Its all about optimizing your listing.

Amazon Listing Optimization

To be able to BOUNCE back is the most important. Instead of stressing out and destroying relationships and other things you have made – take a step back, and come back STRONGER than ever.

Bouncing Back After A Big Change

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