Building a Eco Friendly Grassroots Ecomm Brand in Thailand

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January 12, 2023

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

In that awkward time between Solar and Lunar new years, and it is an even tighter gap this year with today being the last day many of our suppliers in China are open. My heart goes out to all those sellers like us, who were scrambling with the “buzzer beater” ticking. I feel we made it on almost all goods (one of our Blimp franchisees has goods in a China warehouse now awaiting Amazon labels for his new account).

Also, shout out to our sponsor and logistics partner – Cross Better – really saving our butt on a few last minute shipments. Check them out at  If you’re looking for a solid logistics partner from China and Asia.

This week’s show, I feel we are getting back in the flow. We are doing more in person podcasts here in Chiang Mai with  some epic sellers and “hidden gems.” That is what Global From Asia has always been about – finding amazing business owners and entrepreneurs in Asia who are growing a global empire.

So today’s show we have Anny Jackson – founder of Superbee – a very cool product brand grown from the grassroots here during her stay in Chiang Mai.

We did this one on-site at her location, and want you to take a look if you prefer video – but of course – as always – this is on the various audio podcast platforms such as iTunes Spotify, and more.

Listen to the pod now!




Mike Michelini
January 12, 2023

GFAVIP News and Events:

Amazon FBA Meet up Chiang Mai
2:00PM – 2:15 PM Introduction, Welcome and Talk about what we will do today
2:15PM – 2:45PM Round Table
2:45PM – 3:00PM Mastermind
3:00PM – 4:00PM Promote and talk about Books



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