Happy May Day Holiday, Let’s Talk Bootcamps and Summits

Dear readers,

I have enjoyed having more of a conversation with you all over the last month or two. It has definitely made me change the style of these newsletters to be more of a conversation rather than a list of industry news. Much more people opening and responding, which is a positive sign.

For those who have met me or have been following my story, know I am a person who puts stuff out there and collects feedback and iterates. Here is what has happened with the bootcamp, and with the Cross Border Summit.

Bootcamp – thank you all for your feedback. We have had a lot of various emails sent out to you over the last month and a half, and from that feedback we have moved to online workshops.

I definitely felt I missed out on the South China Trade Show Season – have been hearing great stories.

People are cheering for Cross Border Summit. Mark Ramos is our partner in Guangzhou and he has been spreading the word. This week’s podcast we had Danny McMillan back on the show – and he is confirmed for speaking at the summit.

We want to focus all our energy on one offline event. And that is at the Cross Border Summit in October.

So many of you who asked for the online bootcamp should be celebrating a bit inside (and those who wanted to come to Thailand – well, change that to China in October).

We will have our bootcamp going online with intensive live online streaming with experts.

Want to try it out? I’ll host the first one 3 hours on setting up on Amazon, corporate structure and launching your first listings – live, online. We will have it interactive, with questions and answers happening and real screen shares of the insides of the operation.

Curious to learn more, find out when, and get involved now ?

Take our survey on the online format of the bootcamp here.

Enjoy the rest of your May Day holiday (those in China, that is!)



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