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Sending this week’s newsletter out a few hours earlier to catch any of you guys who want to see me speaking at an event tonight titled “Adventures of American Doing Business in China” at Paperclip Coworking space in Sheung Wan – its free! View full details and register here

I watched a very touching video on SCMP about an 85 year old woman in Hong Kong who has to collect cardboard boxes every day to pay her rent, take a look. It’s a moving piece highlighting the gap of the rich and the poor in Hong Kong.

There will be a StartMeUp Venture Forum on Nov 11 from 3pm to 8pm at the Government offices, free to attend – check the event details.  I went last year and was able to interview 3 of the speakers (awesome investors – see episodes GFA10 – GFA12 on the podcast page if you’re curious) and I’m planning to do the same this year, so if you miss the event you can catch some interviews on upcoming Global From Asia shows.

On the Global From Asia blog

Podcast this week in China again, this discussing the Hardware Maker Movement with Eric Pan from SeeedStudio, listen to the podcast

And I’ve been on a writing rampage, just released a full blog post on yearly upkeep fees for a Hong Kong Limited company – read the article

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Photo of the week – Met the infamous Dan Norris while he was passing through Hong Kong

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