High Grades Versus High Values

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This week: Legco Set To Discuss Increase in Welfare payments, but Many Fear Changes Will Not Go Far Enough, Changing Lives for Good: Operation Santa Claus Launches 30th Instalment and How One Hong Kong School Broke Away From City’s Cramming Culture

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Legco Set To Discuss Increase in Welfare payments, but Many Fear Changes Will Not Go Far Enough
High amount of housing rent has been an issue to many Hong Kongers especially to those who have below or just the average earnings. Some of them are even skipping meals to make sure they still have enough money to pay for the rent. The Legislative Council (Legco) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is taking an action to resolve the matter.

Changing Lives for Good: Operation Santa Claus Launches 30th Installment
South China Morning Post and government broadcaster RTHK, the organizers of the OSC (Operation Santa Claus), launched its annual fundraising event on Monday, aiming to help those who are in need. The most important thing that you can do is to let others feel that they are not alone.

How One Hong Kong School Broke Away From City’s Cramming Culture
Many have noticed that school is no longer about learning but it’s all about passing. High grades are more important than high values. Alan Chow Ping-yan, a school principal in W F Joseph Lee, agreed that school shouldn’t be all about academic learning. Children will learn more if engaged in real life activities. Therefore, I quote Benjamin Franklin’s words, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

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This week’s podcast

This week, we have Nate Ginsburg, a friend of ours who we have been following along our growth in the inter webs and got to sync up with recently.He’s done extremely well on Amazon FBA and been a great leader to his team and those in his network. Today he shares that journey and tips for us to learn from.

Want to get declined for your bank account application in Hong Kong? Then you’re in the right place! Of course, you don’t want to get rejected when applying for your Hong Kong business bank account, but today I want to have some fun and give you some tips on how to make sure you’re rejected.

How To Get Declined For Your HK Bank Application


We are excited to announce that one of our amazing speakers, Lorenzo, will be having his meetup tomorrow in Slim’s New York Steaks and Burgers (Binjiang Branch), Hangzhou, China at 7pm to 9pm. This is an open event and for free! So, if you’re in the area, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Ecommerce Business.

Lessons Learned From First Month and Half of Starting an Ecommerce Business

This is a way to connect quality service providers in Asia with companies around the world. Over the years hosting the podcast and running our blog, we have seen so many business owners pulling their hair out trying to find the right service provider in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia to tap into the market. This GFA Market is our answer – we want to connect you directly to our network, and allow smooth and safe business transactions to be placed here. It is our way to put buyers (Western business owners) and sellers (Asia focused service providers) together to go “Global From Asia”.

Want a traditional job working with managing an office or overseeing projects? Administrative jobs in our directory are far and wide reaching. It really depends on your goals, and many of our job posts range from a secretary and administrative assistant all the way up to CEO’s personal assistant.

While I have been doing podcasts and video blogs for years now, this was a whole new ballgame. We had our professional video crew come with us to record and it was true lights, camera, action! I interviewed in English (really gotta up my game in learning Chinese) and some of the interviews were answered in English while others were answered in Chinese. We will take all this amazing and one of a kind content and open it up for the world to watch and learn.

After a crazy month and the successful CBM2017 event, we have another featured member for this week. He’s none other than Cameron Walker, the President of Gifts, Home, & Hardware for Global Sources. He’s a Canadian and been in China for 15 years in 3 different cities – Beijing, Xi’An and Shenzhen.

Cameron Walker President of Gifts, Home, & Hardware for Global Sources

Sent November 16, 2017

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