Hong Kong Falls Six Places to 18th in Global Talent Ranking

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This week: Lazada to Cultivate 8mil eCommerce Entrepreneurs, SMEs By 2030, Hong Kong Falls Six Places to 18th in Global Talent Ranking, Trailing Singapore and Chinese Bank’s Big Tech Threat

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I have a clothing brand based on the UK, I wish to expand it. I am looking for a factory in china, and set up my enterprise in china. I am based in UK at present, but would prefer to come to a China.


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LAZADA Group has pledged to support eight million e-commerce entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia to grow and thrive by 2030.

Hong Kong Falls Six Places to 18th in Global Talent Ranking, Trailing Singapore
Hong Kong has fallen six places to rank 18th in attracting and fostering talent, partly due to concerns over public investment in education, according to a global study by the Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development.

Chinese Bank’s Big Tech Threat
Investors have doubts about Chinese banks’ ability to withstand the competition in a market where tech companies have a solid grip, writes Brian Caplen.

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A fellow American who came to China seeking adventure and treasure, today we have him sharing about that journey. The rollercoaster ride of being an entrepreneur is hard, but especially when you are doing it on foreign land. Brian shares how he got started, how he got scammed by his main customer, and how he prevailed to make a business that is growing and generating income. Let’s tune in.

How Tragedy Creates Opportunity with Brian Miller

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If you want to unwind and give yourself a rewarding vacation, visit Hong Kong and be awed by the shopping and nightlife you have never experienced before. Airbnb Hong Kong offers the best residential and hotels for your wonderful and unforgettable stay.

Looking to expand your reach in South America? Want to learn from a native South America business expert on what it takes to get your products in the market and online and selling? Join us for this exciting opportunity to learn on how to expand your e-commerce into the Latin America market.

This high-level / mini market research is custom-tailored, and the research will provide a general overview of what the client wants to understand in the China market.

This video briefly explains Neat HK for online HK Business Banking. This video aims to inform its viewers about how Neat works and that it is a viable option for those who want to create an account for their online businesses.

Sent November 22, 2018

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