Hong Kong Loses to Singapore in Open Banking Readiness

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This week: World’s Biggest Warehouse Operator to use AI, Hong Kong Observatory to Keep an Eye on Possible Typhoon on the Way and Hong Kong Loses to Singapore in Open Banking Readiness

Things are rolling along here at Global From Asia, and with today’s subject of HK banking losing to Singapore, seems like old news that we could have predicted back in 2016! Alas, we are working hard to help as much as we can with 2 new banking directories (free) for both jurisdictions, check out Singapore Bank Directory or Hong Kong bank directory for all the info, and leave some feedback while it is built up!

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Business Help & Opportunity

We are looking for a freight forwarder and a company that can help to co-pack shipment of electronic components to Europe, where we have manufacturing. Would also be great to have a company with local presence that could help us to talk to suppliers and handling logistics within China. We are a start-up that will expand volume Q3,Q4 this year.

Business News From Around Asia

World’s Biggest Warehouse Operator to use AI
The booming Chinese logistics industry is also very inefficient, but this is not an issue technology cannot resolve, according to GLP, one of the world’s largest logistics solutions providers.

Hong Kong Observatory to Keep an Eye on Possible Typhoon on the Way
According to the Observatory’s acting senior scientific officer, David Lam Hok-yin, the tropical depression lingered about 800km from Hong Kong on Monday. At 4pm, it was centred about 230km west-southwest of the Paracel Islands – known in China as the Xisha Islands and in Vietnam as the Hoang Sa Islands.

Hong Kong Loses to Singapore in Open Banking Readiness
Although the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has initiated discussions on open banking regulation, lack of clear guidelines is impeding the readiness of local banks to property capture the opportunities offered by the emerging technology, causing it to fall behind regional competitor Singapore, according to a study by the International Data Corporation.

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This week’s podcast

So we are pushing through, Roland is bouncing back and forth between China and Europe like a ping pong ball it seems – he is here in China and we got to meetup while he was in Shenzhen. Seeing the photos of the moka pot and the photographer sending various versions is getting us on the edge of our seats! 

That Anxious Time When It Is Almost There

This week’s podcast blog post

Europe and China are the biggest traders in the world; in fact, trade between them totals about €1 billion per day – primarily on consumer products like clothing, shoes, machinery, chemicals, and vehicles. The trade between countries began a long time ago through the Great Silk Road.

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Jasmine is a freelance Chinese-English Translator based in Shenzhen. She can help you with sourcing, setting appointment with manufactures, follow up your order, arrange shipping, etc.

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We all get comfortable. I think it is human nature to settle / nest into a home and routine, our animal instincts but in order to stand out and “get ahead” we need to always find a new challenge. Maybe I am a bit too extreme on the try something new – as everyone always says I am doing something different every day!

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