Hong Kong Christmas Means No Air Conditioners

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This week: Alibaba taking over HK news, HK censorship coming?, Masterminds, and more!

Christmas is coming! The malls in Hong Kong have turned off the air conditioner and cranked up the Christmas music! I’ll be here – well Shenzhen side technically –  as my friends head back to their hometowns, just one of the sacrifices of being an international business addict.

The “Goldman Sachs” of China is under fire by the Chinese government – supposedly shorting the stock market during the crash instead of propping it up.

Jack Ma at Alibaba pays over 200 Million USD for South China Morning Post. We quote their articles a lot in this very newsletter! Jack promises to keep things the same, but many worry it will be now more influenced by Beijing government.
To top off that news, more potential censorship popping up:

In Hong Kong, a new copyright bill that raised fears of the government limiting freedom of speech on the internet will be discussed by lawmakers on Wednesday.

Shlomo and I over at China Business Cast are having a mastermind – a select group of business owners growing in China will work closely with us, interested?Learn more and apply today

Want to learn Chinese free? EdX (Tsinghua Univ + Harvard) are providing a free online course this year. (Plus: also use the WCC Chinese dictionary I’m a partner in)   Via Chris Moore

Global From Asia News

No podcast this week, but next Tuesday we are publishing my friend “Mike the Greek” that was recorded live on the office opening night – discussing local packaging and service differences with some fun input from a guest in the crowd!

Blog – still cranking them out so check there regularly.

One to highlight is the reason I carry 2 mobile phones with me, and think you should too

Hong Kong Supercharged News

People really liking the offshore service for HK businesses, digging in deep with a few business owners. Any pain points others are having with yearly upkeep?

Photo of the Week

Finally meet my bud, my man, Russell Smith! He came through Hong Kong to setup his company. After all these years,finally get our proper selfie together

Sent December 16, 2015

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