HKTDC Trade Shows and Events Postponed

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has just postponed several trade shows and events due to COVID-19.

Health First

The HKTDC is a group established in the mid 60’s. Their main mission is to promote and develop the trades of Hong Kong. They do this by having exhibitions, conferences, and more. They currently have 50 offices all around the world. 

However, this year’s plans for developing Hong Kong’s trade have stalled. HKTDC is erring on the side of safety first. They had just decided to delay several of their events due to the frightening reach of COVID-19. 

First is the international shows on jewellery, diamonds, gems, and pearls.The original date for these events were supposed to be in the first few weeks of March. However, it has now been pushed back to the middle of May.

The next shows on lighting, houseware, textiles, fashion, electronics, and more were initially scheduled all throughout April. These shows have been moved by two months to June. 

A full list of delayed events can be seen at HKTDC’s website.

The other shows have been rescheduled with the dates not being set yet. The Hong Kong Tech Pavilion has been cancelled. 

Other than the moving of the dates, the HKTDC has also implemented several measures for the next events:

  • Within each event, health tips will be provided to the participants. 
  • Masks and hand sanitizers are available when requested from several areas at the event. 
  • Sanitizer dispensaries will also be available on the premises of each event. 
  • Several areas will be constantly cleaned at the events. These include door handles, escalator handles, tables, and chairs just to name a few. 
  • Work areas and restrooms will be constantly.

The HKTDC will be in constant communication with Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection.

Affecting the World

These events are not the only ones that have been affected due to COVID-19. With the virus spreading throughout the world, each country has also experienced its own event delays or cancellations. 

Various events for K-pop groups in South Korea have been postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. Major sporting events in Singapore and the Philippines have similarly been delayed indefinitely or cancelled.

These are only a few examples of the current social impact and disruption that the Coronavirus has caused. 

Apart from the social events though, the Coronavirus has also affected people’s livelihoods and jobs. 

For instance, certain video games have their developments delayed due to the virus in China. Certain deadlines have been pushed back. 

Factories have also been shut down in China. Employees have been sent home. With certain factories out of commission, there are products that are not being made and exported to the world. 

China has been the hardest by the Coronavirus. Since it is the country of origin, it is also a country with the most cases. As such, it is also the country that has been hit the hardest. 

Economies are tanking. Businesses are struggling to pay their employees on leave, much more keep their doors open. 

With the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world, this may be something that happens to all countries if it has not yet been addressed.



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