HSBC Online Banking Down

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This week: WhatsApp Business Chief Arora Becomes Facebook’s Latest High-profile Departure, Scientist that ‘Created Gene-edited Children’ to Speak at Hong Kong Summit and HSBC Online Banking Down

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We are doing laser measurements for kitchens, rooms, etc. We need a provider who checks our technicians datas for correctness (e.g. missing sockets) and, if necessary, adjust the data. 


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There is absolutely no fake news – every fact is exactly that, a fact, and any questions as to the provenance thereof, should there ever be any, will be immediately and completely answered. 

How to Run an International Business as an Expat in Chiang Mai
Michael Michelini started his career out of college on Wall Street and soon realized that entrepreneurship was his calling. 11 years later, his business, Global From Asia, calls Chaing Mai, Thailand home.

WhatsApp Business Chief Arora Becomes Facebook’s Latest High-profile Departure
WhatsApp Chief Business Officer Neeraj Arora announced on Monday that he’s leaving the company, the latest in a growing number of high-profile Facebook executives to depart this year.

Scientist that ‘Created Gene-edited Children’ to Speak at Hong Kong Summit
International experts gathered at a summit in Hong Kong that opens Tuesday will discuss how gene editing should be regulated, as a mainland scientist claimed he had helped create the world’s first genetically edited babies.

HSBC Online Banking Down
The UK’s largest bank became the latest to be hit by IT failures after TSB, Barclays and RBS customers have all experienced problems this year.

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This week’s podcast

This is the last episode of the Ecommerce Gladiator Series here at Global From Asia. The Amazon business is going along fine, there are some changes underway here at Global From Asia and we want to take this time on the last episode of the series to give a rundown of how it started and how it is now.

The Final Episode of E-commerce Gladiator

This week’s blog post

Moving into a different country can be tough, especially for parents. You have to quickly adjust to a new environment, a new job, and taking your kids to a new school. Undeniably, Hong Kong is one of the countries that is excellent in producing successful individuals that are capable of conquering any work environment. 

Top 7 International Schools in Hong Kong

This service also includes initial pricing on all components and raw materials along with pricing on final assembly and finished product.

Aftership is a shipment tacking API that supports 465 couriers worldwide. With their advanced and automated tracking system you will never get lost track of your shipment.

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