Introducing The New Column

Mike has asked me to supply a brief column that would hopefully lucidly (and, even more hopefully, succinctly) elaborate on the “events of the day”. It used to be that all of us going/dealing in foreign countries were considered to be outsiders but, given the issues with which we currently have to deal on an ongoing and increasing basis, it’s getting to the point that almost every sentient being on this Planet Earth is a Stranger in a Strange Land (with apologies to Roger Heinlein). I cannot promise to be right and I cannot promise to be loved, but I do promise to do my best and I further promise to tell the truth (sorry, DT – no fake news here!~). I generally do a lot of travelling so I might miss the occasional week – during those weeks, you will just have to procure other bathroom reading material. Should there be topics not covered that should be (in your estimation), please don’t hesitate to let us know – and I certainly will always be open to comments, suggestions, and polite criticisms (only my wife can posit impolite ones LOL). In advance, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Bennett Little



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