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This week: Mainlander tourist killed in HK, is poverty really decreasing, Scottish bus maker lands KMB Bus contract and more.

I’m still catching up on rest from an action packed DCBKK 2015 conference in Bangkok,I wrote up my conference notes and highlights on my personal blog if you’re curious.

Also, directly implementing something I learned there, going forward you canshare this newsletter to your friends via a link – each week we’ll have it online after sending out.

Now Mainlanders May Claim HK is the More Dangerous Place…

A mainland Chinese tourist was killed mediating a fight between a tour operator and a female tourist being forced to make a purchase.

“The victim, a male building contractor from north-east China, was found lying unconscious outside the shop in Kowloon on Monday morning.

He tried to mediate in a fight between two women – believed to be the tour leader and one of the tourists – before he and the female tourist were attacked by a group of men who dragged them onto the street and beat them, police said”

Is the poverty in Hong Kong really decreasing?

SCMP reports:

“After discounting the government subsidies, there were still more than 1.3 million poor people last year, representing 19.6 per cent of the population.

But with the proportion of senior citizens set to increase from the present 14 per cent to more than 30 per cent by 2043, poverty among the elderly is a cause for concern.”

In Today Online’s article it states

“…an individual earning less than about HK$3,500 ($450 USD) a month”

A Story of Success for this Scottish Company into HK market

Colin Robertson is the boss of bus maker Alexander Dennis, shares the story of the company. Their biggest customer is KMB in Hong Kong – those of you in HK see those double decker buses – this is the guy who makes them!

Monday HKTDC is hosting a meetup (in English) about getting your products into the Mainland market via e-commerce

And for some fun…

The Guardian got Hong Kong listed in “this week in pictures”, with the #5 photo ofHong KongCompetitors enter the water at the start of the Victoria Harbour swimming race. The 1.8km event was held annually from 1906 to 1979 and only resumed in 2011.

Global From Asia News
Listen to this week's podcast
Listen to this week’s podcast

This week we have the 4th edition of Global From Asia TV, talking about getting into the right mindset to quit your job and move to China. What do you think?

And, for the past couple week’s I have been mentioning the big HK banks blog post I’ve been working on, and after 2 full days of bank visits and weeks of writing and tweaking, here’s the experience I had.

Global From Asia Office HQ!!!
I’m signing a lease soon – still in negotiations with a friend about a place in TST, Kowloon. Will have a formal space in HOnG Kong for Global From Asia – recording interviews, meeting listeners, and future meetups (stay tuned). If you’re looking for shared office space or coworking, now is a time to reply to this email and let me know what’s up!

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Reminder! Tomorrow is the webinar on Upkeep for your Hong Kong company – some optimizing tips and tricks I have learned the past few months. Register now if you haven’t already. I’ll be emailing the instructions to partake soon

Quick group shot of a handful us out of the 250 amazing attendees at DCBKK2015 in Bangkok over the weekend.


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