Caught In a Logistics Nightmare [Real Case Study, Ongoing Now]

Caught In a Logistics Nightmare [Real Case Study, Ongoing Now]

Global From Asia
November 17, 2022

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

Logistics – or International business in general – feels like modern day warfare. Exporter, Importer, shipping companies, warehouses.

Regular listeners of our podcast know the last couple years we are doubling down on selling on Amazon with a few brands and programs.

This week’s show – we reveal a ton about the nightmare we are in now – with goods stuck in a 3PL in Los Angeles, bills from all over, and luckily help from a new sponsor logistics company – Cross Better.

So it is a 1.5 hour show!

We start off interviewing the CEO of Cross Better Logistics – Mark Chen

Listen or Watch the Show here.

mproving Your Cross Border Logistics

And then after – Faith and I chat about being crushed and squeezed in a current 3pl and how we are digging our way out.

Read the Blog – Logistics Nightmare

Logistics Nightmare

The purpose – got it out of my head and onto paper – as a lesson to all of you. Also many of you have already been submitting your prices and ideas on how much it should cost as we prepare the followup blog post of it.

And thank you Cross Better – for your support both in sponsoring this show – but also in saving our butt on getting some of those goods out of the warehouse and into Amazon FBA.

Challenging times for all of us – lets stay diligent and safe.


Mike Michelini
November 17, 2022


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