Entering May Day With New Inspiration (and opportunities)

Global From Asia
April 29, 2021

May holiday is coming next week. China will be away from their offices for most of the week.

Here at Global From Asia, we have been super-busy restructuring the community to adapt to a blockchain-based world. Normally I only share some of these initiatives and updates with GFAVIP members only. But today, I want to let those interested to be “a fly on the wall” and check out this 5-minute video where I explain a few of those initiatives:


One of those points is already getting great response and is the topic of this week’s podcast

GFA Kids!


Anne on the team is amazing, always with new ideas and she inspired this GFA Kids program.

Happy to have her on the podcast to share and inspire others.

We plan to do this in June and this is open to the many parents in the community to engage with us and have their kids involved in this one of a kind, first ever, program.

Let’s tune in and learn more here:


Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!


Mike Michelini
April 29, 2021

GFAVIP News and Events:

Cross Border Matchmaker 2021
We will take the CBM online in this half-day virtual event.  You will be hearing from Sourcing and QC experts, Internet Marketing and Web experts, FBA sellers and investors.  There will also be an exclusive session for GFAVIPs.  Join us to learn more new things that are heating up the web space.  Register here


GFAVIP Masterminds and Other Events
Check out Global From Asia’s event site to know more about upcoming events, workshops, masterminds, member calls and webinars.  You can check it out here:



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